Carlo Gaudio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Left Ventricular Adverse Remodeling in Ischemic Heart Disease: Emerging Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2023
The burden of calcific aortic stenosis: what's behind? EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Del Nido cardioplegia for cardiac surgery requiring cardiopulmonary bypass: is the best yet to come? JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE 2023
Nuclear factor-kappa B predicts long-term clinical outcome in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 10-year follow-up study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2022
Echocardiographic visualization of retroaortic anomalous coronary artery journal of cardiovascular imaging 2022
Toll-like receptor 4 activation in platelets from myocardial infarction patients THROMBOSIS RESEARCH 2022
Relation of Atrial Fibrillation to Angiographic Characteristics and Coronary Artery Disease Severity in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2021
Myocardial metastasis of tongue cancer: a rare localization THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CASE REPORTS 2021
Acute atrial ischemia associates with early but not late new-onset atrial fibrillation in STEMI patients treated with primary PCI: relationship with in-hospital outcomes JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2021
Low serum albumin levels and in-hospital outcomes in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction NMCD. NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES 2021
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy and flecainide toxicity. a case report and brief literature review EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021
Impact of sacubitril/valsartan on implantable defibrillator eligibility in heart failure. a real-world experience EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021
Glutathione infusion before and 3 days after primary angioplasty blunts ongoing NOX2-mediated inflammatory response JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. CARDIOVASCULAR AND CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE 2021
Reperfusion therapies and in-hospital outcomes for ST-elevation myocardial infarction in europe. the ACVC-EAPCI EORP STEMI registry of the european society of cardiology EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 2021
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation results are not superimposable to surgery in patients with aortic stenosis at low surgical risk CARDIOLOGY JOURNAL 2021
D-dimer for risk stratification and antithrombotic treatment management in acute coronary syndrome patients. asystematic review and metanalysis THROMBOSIS JOURNAL 2021
Takotsubo Syndrome and myasthenia gravis: when neuromuscolar disease meets cardiac dysfunction INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2020
Low-grade endotoxaemia enhances artery thrombus growth via Toll-like receptor 4: implication formyocardial infarction EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 2020
Clopidogrel versus ticagrelor in high-bleeding risk patients presenting with acute coronary syndromes. insights from the multicenter START-ANTIPLATELET registry INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2020
Clinical frailty and triggers in Takotsubo syndrome: The notable role of a new classification JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE 2020

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