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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Long-term changes in short-interval intracortical facilitation modulate motor cortex plasticity and L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease BRAIN STIMULATION 2022
Transcranial magnetic stimulation as a tool to induce and explore plasticity in humans Handbook of Clinical Neurology 2022
Wearable Electrochemical Sensors in Parkinson’s Disease SENSORS 2022
Are beta oscillations always anti-kinetic in Parkinson's disease? CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2022
Voice in Parkinson's Disease: A Machine Learning Study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2022
Handwriting Declines With Human Aging: A Machine Learning Study FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Decipher non-canonical SPAST splicing mutations with the help of functional assays in patients affected by spastic paraplegia 4 (SPG4) CLINICAL GENETICS 2022
Assessing the interaction between L‐dopa and γ ‐transcranial alternating current stimulation effects on primary motor cortex plasticity in Parkinson's disease EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Machine learning and wearable sensors for the early detection of balance disorders in Parkinson's disease SENSORS 2022
Acute-onset binocular diplopia in neurological unit: aetiological factors and diagnostic assessment ACTA NEUROLOGICA SCANDINAVICA 2021
Water drinking behavior: a clinical clue for the diagnosis of limbic encephalitis in an elderly patient ACTA NEUROLOGICA BELGICA 2021
Voice analysis with machine learning: one step closer to an objective diagnosis of essential tremor MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2021
Fostering Voice Objective Analysis in Patients with Movement Disorders MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2021
Reply to: "Reproducibility of Voice Analysis with Machine Learning" MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2021
The effect of gamma oscillations in boosting primary motor cortex plasticity is greater in young than older adults CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2021
Cortical mechanisms underlying variability in intermittent theta-burst stimulation-induced plasticity: A TMS-EEG study CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2021
Machine learning based voice analysis in spasmodic dysphonia: An investigation of most relevant features from specific vocal tasks BIOSIGNALS: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES - VOL 4: BIOSIGNALS 2021
Vocal Test Analysis for the Assessment of Adductor-type Spasmodic Dysphonia IEEE 2021
Altered speech-related cortical network in frontotemporal dementia BRAIN STIMULATION 2020
Detecting cortical circuits resonant to high-frequency oscillations in the human primary motor cortex: a TMS-tACS study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020


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Interessi di ricerca

Ricerca incentrata prevalentemente nello studio dei meccanismi di eccitabilità e plasticità del sistema nervoso centrale e nello sviluppo di metodiche di neuromodulazione non-invasiva.


movement disorders
clinical neurophysiology
clinical neurology

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