Giuseppe Sappa


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Combined Well Multi-Parameter Logs and Low-Flow Purging Data for Soil Permeability Assessment and Related Effects on Groundwater Sampling HYDROLOGY 2023
SHAKER: A selector of consistent and energetically equalized natural ground motions using the Italian earthquake database ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2023
Hydrogeochemistry and groundwater quality assessment in a municipal solid waste landfill (central Italy) AIMS GEOSCIENCES 2022
Assessment of zerovalent iron nanoparticle (nZVI) efficiency for remediation of arsenic-contaminated groundwater. Two laboratory experiments WATER 2022
nZVI mobility and transport: laboratory test and numerical model HYDROLOGY 2022
Magnesium as Environmental Tracer for Karst Spring Baseflow/Overflow Assessment—A Case Study of the Pertuso Karst Spring (Latium Region, Italy) WATER 2021
Topographic effects observed at Amatrice hill during the 2016–2017 Central Italy seismic sequence EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING VIBRATION 2021
Application of 2H and 18O Isotopes for Tracing Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Contamination of Groundwater. Two Italian Case Histories WATER 2021
Water Resources Management Under Climate Change Pressure in Limpopo National Park Buffer Zone Advances in Geoethics and Groundwater Management. Theory and Practice for a Sustainable Development. Proceedings of the 1st Congress on Geoethics and Groundwater Management (GEOETH&GWM'20), Porto, Portugal 2020 2021
Mobility of nZVI in a Reconstructed Porous Media Monitored by an Image Analysis Procedure WATER 2021
Climate change and groundwater resources availability in the Great Limpopo National Park (Mozambique): the current state of knowledge MEDITERRANEAN GEOSCIENCE REVIEWS 2021
Karst recharge areas identified by combined application of isotopes and hydrogeological budget WATER 2021
Quali-quantitative considerations on low-flow well purging and sampling // Considerazioni quali-quantitative sullo spurgo e campionamento a basso flusso dei piezometri ACQUE SOTTERRANEE 2021
Natural Hazards Coming from Trace Elements Natural Enrichment. The Bevera Valley Basin (Northern Italy) Case History Advances in Natural Hazards and Hydrological Risks: Meeting the Challenge, Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Hazards (NATHAZ’19), Pico Island Azores 2019 2020
The relationship between the concentration of rare earth elements in landfill soil and their distribution in the parent material:.A case study from Cerreto, Roccasecca, Central Italy JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION 2020
Assessment of trace elements natural enrichment in topsoil by some Italian case studies SN APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Karst spring recharge areas and discharge relationship by oxygen-18 and deuterium isotopes analyses. A case study in southern latium region, Italy APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Hydraulic conductivity estimation using low-flow purging data elaboration in contaminated sites WATER 2020
Potential toxic elements in groundwater and their health risk assessment in drinking water of Limpopo National Park, Gaza Province, Southern Mozambique ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH 2020
Nanoparticles in environmental applications. First laboratory assessments of nanoparticles mobility in porous media 20th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2020 2020


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  • Advanced manufacturing & processing
  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

Sfruttamento, gestione sostenibile delle risorse idriche sotterranee

Approccio multitracciante alla caratterizzazione delle acque sotterranee

Definizione dei valori di fondo naturale ed antropico per i suoli e per le acque sotterranee

Caratterizzazione ambientale dei suoli e delle acque sotterranee


groundwater circulation well
groundwater quality assessment
groundwater pumping wells
groundwater recharge areas
groundwater contamination

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