Annalisa Di Bernardino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Spatial-temporal assessment of air quality in Rome (Italy) based on anemological clustering ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION RESEARCH 2023
Temporal Variation of NO2 and O-3 in Rome (Italy) from Pandora and In Situ Measurements ATMOSPHERE 2023
Characterization of nitrogen dioxide variability using ground-based and satellite remote sensing and in situ measurements in the Tiber valley (Lazio, Italy) REMOTE SENSING 2023
On the identification and characterization of outdoor thermo-hygrometric stress events URBAN CLIMATE 2023
Effect of heatwaves on urban sea breeze, heat island intensity, and outdoor thermo-hygrometric comfort in Rome (Italy) URBAN CLIMATE 2023
Classification of synoptic and local-scale wind patterns using k-means clustering in a Tyrrhenian coastal area (Italy) METEOROLOGY AND ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS 2022
The Boundary Layer Air Quality-Analysis Using Network of Instruments (BAQUNIN) Supersite for Atmospheric Research and Satellite Validation over Rome Area BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY 2022
On the Radiative Impact of Biomass-Burning Aerosols in the Arctic: The August 2017 Case Study REMOTE SENSING 2022
Spatio-temporal modeling of small-scale ultrafine particle variability using generalized additive models SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Analysis of two-decade meteorological and air quality trends in Rome (Italy) THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY 2022
On the Lagrangian and Eulerian Time Scales of Turbulence Within a Two-Dimensional Array of Obstacles BOUNDARY-LAYER METEOROLOGY 2022
Interaction of the Sea Breeze with the Urban Area of Rome: WRF Mesoscale and WRF Large-Eddy Simulations Compared to Ground-Based Observations BOUNDARY-LAYER METEOROLOGY 2022
A preliminary study of summer thermo-hygrometric comfort under different environmental conditions in a Mediterranean city URBAN SCIENCE 2022
A Review of Laboratory and Numerical Techniques to Simulate Turbulent Flows ENERGIES 2022
Bird-Borne Samplers for Monitoring CO2 and Atmospheric Physical Parameters REMOTE SENSING 2022
A Street Graph-Based Morphometric Characterization of Two Large Urban Areas SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Impact of synoptic meteorological conditions on air quality in three different case studies in Rome, Italy ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION RESEARCH 2021
Turbulent mixing in open-channel flow over surface roughness IAHR 2020 – ABSTRACT BOOK 2021
On the effect of sea breeze regime on aerosols and gases properties in the urban area of Rome, Italy URBAN CLIMATE 2021
Evaluation of profiles of standard deviation of vertical wind in the urban area of rome: Performances of Monin–Obukhov similarity theory using different scaling variables SUSTAINABILITY 2021

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