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Role of NF-κB Signaling in the Interplay between Multiple Myeloma and Mesenchymal Stromal Cells INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
NKG2D engagement on human NK cells leads to DNAM‐1 hypo‐responsiveness through different converging mechanisms EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2023
Doxorubicin–Mediated miR–433 Expression on Exosomes Promotes Bystander Senescence in Multiple Myeloma Cells in a DDR–Independent Manner INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
Impact on NK cell functions of acute versus chronic exposure to extracellular vesicle-associated MICA. Dual role in cancer immunosurveillance JOURNAL OF EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES 2022
GAS6/TAM signaling pathway controls MICA expression in multiple myeloma cells FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Rescue SLAMF7 activity in exhausted natural killer cells: Novel challenges in the immunotherapy of multiple myeloma CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL DISCOVERY 2022
Role of aiolos and ikaros in the antitumor and immunomodulatory activity of imids in multiple myeloma: Better to lose than to find them INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2021
Immunomodulatory effect of NEDD8-activating enzyme inhibition in Multiple Myeloma: upregulation of NKG2D ligands and sensitization to Natural Killer cell recognition CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2021
Cereblon regulates NK cell cytotoxicity and migration via Rac1 activation EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2021
Hitting More Birds with a Stone: Impact of TGF-β on ILC Activity in Cancer JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
CD155: a multi-functional molecule in tumor progression INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020
Bone marrow stromal cell-derived IL-8 upregulates PVR expression on multiple myeloma cells via NF-kB transcription factor CANCERS 2020
Liver X Receptors: Regulators of Cholesterol Metabolism, Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Cancer FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2020
The Ubiquitin-proteasome pathway regulates Nectin2/CD112 expression and impairs NK cell recognition and killing. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2019
The homeobox transcription factor MEIS2 is a regulator of cancer cell survival and IMiDs activity in multiple myeloma. modulation by bromodomain and Extra-Terminal (BET) protein inhibitors CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2019
Activation of liver X receptor up-regulates the expression of the NKG2D ligands MICA and MICB in multiple myeloma through different molecular mechanisms THE FASEB JOURNAL 2019
The POU-Domain Transcription Factor Oct-6/POU3F1 as a Regulator of Cellular Response to Genotoxic Stress CANCERS 2019
Innate Immune Response Regulation by the Human RNASET2 Tumor Suppressor Gene FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2019
NKG2D and its ligands: one for all, all for one FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2018
Drug-induced senescent Multiple Myeloma cells elicit NK cell proliferation by direct or exosome-mediated IL-15 trans-presentation CANCER IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH 2018


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cancer immunotherapy
multiple myeloma
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