Clara Nervi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A novel AML1-ETO/FTO positive feedback loop promotes leukemogenesis and Ara-C resistance via stabilizing IGFBP2 in t(8;21) acute myeloid leukemia EXPERIMENTAL HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY 2024
Nuclear miR-223 affects chromatin organization and regulates Flotillin-1 gene expression in myeloid progenitors MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2024
MCL1 regulates AML cells metabolism via direct interaction with HK2. Metabolic signature at onset predicts overall survival in AMLs' patients LEUKEMIA 2023
Editorial: Genetic/epigenetic mechanisms and related clinical strategy in leukemia FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2023
Biomarkers in acute myeloid leukemia: From state of the art in risk classification to future challenges of RNA editing as disease predictor and therapy target ASPECTS OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2023
Ascorbate plus buformin in AML. A metabolic targeted treatment CANCERS 2022
A tribute to professor Sergio Adamo, full professor of histology and embryology at Sapienza university, Rome EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY 2022
Serum albumin and nucleic acids biodistribution. From molecular aspects to biotechnological applications IUBMB LIFE 2022
The gene promoter binding activity of miR-223 induces flotillin-1 expression and function to regulate myeloid differentiation HAEMATOLOGICA 2022
Ascorbate plus buformin in AML: a metabolic targeted treatment CANCERS 2022
Thalassemias. From gene to therapy MOLECULAR ASPECTS OF MEDICINE 2021
Molecular imaging in immuno-oncology: current status and translational perspectives EXPERT REVIEW OF MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS 2020
Transcriptional and Metabolic Dissection of ATRA-Induced Granulocytic Differentiation in NB4 Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells CELLS 2020
Aptamer-based technology for radionuclide targeted imaging and therapy: a promising weapon against cancer EXPERT REVIEW OF MEDICAL DEVICES 2020
Genetic lesions disrupting calreticulin 3′-untranslated region in JAK2 mutation-negative polycythemia vera AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY 2020
Ruxolitinib binding to human serum albumin. Bioinformatics, biochemical and functional characterization in JAK2V617F+ cell models SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
ISTOLOGIA di Monesi ISTOLOGIA di Monesi 2018
Are DNA damage response kinases a target for the differentiation treatment of acute myeloid leukemia? IUBMB LIFE 2018
HDAC inhibition by valproic acid decreases JAK2V617F levels in myeloproliferative neoplasms via up-regulation of miR-101, in vivo and in vitro HEMASPHERE 2018
A novel germline CALR mutation affecting an evolutionary conserved region of 3’UTR in JAK2-negative siblings with Polycythemia Vera HEMASPHERE 2018

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