Marco Rossi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Microstructural evidence for seismic and aseismic slip along clay-bearing, carbonate faults JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH 2017
Capability of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy about nanoscale analysis of strained silicon for semiconductor devices production APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2017
Multiscale mechanical characterization of hybrid Ti/PMMA layered materials COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. A, PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS 2017
Electrochemical atomic force microscopy: In situ monitoring of electrochemical processes AIP Conference Proceedings 2017
In Situ control and modification of the probe magnetization state for accurate magnetic force microscopy AIP Conference Proceedings 2017
Plasma enhanced hot filament CVD growth of thick carbon nanowall layers AIP Conference Proceedings 2017
Nanotechnology for Food Packaging and Food Quality Assessment Advances in Food and Nutrition Research 2017
Magnetic Force Microscopy Magnetic characterization techniques for nanomaterials 2017
Novel Approach to Brain Delivery: Polysorbate Niosomes 2017
Detection of stiff nanoparticles within cellular structures by contact resonance atomic force microscopy subsurface nanomechanical imaging NANOSCALE 2017
Single nanoparticles magnetization curves by controlled tip magnetization magnetic force microscopy NANOSCALE 2017
Removal of electrostatic artifacts in magnetic force microscopy by controlled magnetization of the tip: application to superparamagnetic nanoparticles SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016
Contact resonance atomic force microscopy (CR-AFM) in applied mineralogy: the case of natural and thermally treated diaspore EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MINERALOGY 2016
Polymer functionalized nanocomposites for metals removal from water and wastewater: An overview WATER RESEARCH 2016
Nanoshaping field emitters from glassy carbon sheets: a new functionality induced by H-plasma etching PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2016
Structural and morphological peculiarities of hybrid Au/nanodiamond engineered nanostructures SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016
Contact resonance atomic force microscopy for viscoelastic characterization of polymer-based nanocomposites at variable temperature AIP Conference Proceedings 2016
Niosomal approach to brain delivery: Development, characterization and in vitro toxicological studies INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS 2016
Elastic modulus measurements at variable temperature: Validation of atomic force microscopy techniques AIP Conference Proceedings 2016


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  • Nanotecnologie
  • Advanced materials
  • Micro/nano electronics & photonics
  • Sustainable technologies & development


electron microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

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