Donatella Magri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Longitudinal population dynamics of Mediterranean-Atlantic Arbutus during the last 30 ka REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY 2024
Balkan Neanderthals: The Late Pleistocene palaeoecological sequence of Pešturina Cave (Niš, Serbia) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2024
Aerobiological monitoring in an indoor occupational setting using a real-time bioaerosol sampler ATMOSPHERE 2023
Archaeological evidence for the dietary practices and lifestyle of 18th Century Lisbon, Portugal. Combined steroidal biomarker and microparticle analysis of the carbonized faecal remains SEPARATIONS 2023
Distribution of Arbutus sp. pl. in Western Eurasia since the Last Glacial Maximum Notiziario della Società Botanica Italiana 2023
Geographic range vs. occurrence records in plant distribution mapping. The case of Arbutus in the Old World FORESTS 2023
Combining species distribution models and palaeobotanical records to investigate the present and past distribution of Arbutus sp. pl. in the Western Paleartic region Book of Abstracts of the 31st Congress of the European Vegetation Survey 2023
The colonial legacy of herbaria NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR 2023
The dawn of the Late Villafranchian. Paleoenvironment and age of the Pantalla paleontological site (Italy; Early Pleistocene) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2023
An Environmental and Climate History of the Roman Expansion in Italy JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY HISTORY 2023
Multidisciplinary study of the Lower Palaeolithic site of Cimitero di Atella (Basilicata), Italy QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 2023
Substantial light woodland and open vegetation characterized the temperate forest biome before Homo sapiens SCIENCE ADVANCES 2023
Testing the Effect of Relative Pollen Productivity on the REVEALS Model: A Validated Reconstruction of Europe-Wide Holocene Vegetation LAND 2023
Vegetation history of SE Sicily from feudal land management to post-war agricultural industrialization REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY 2022
Sign-switching ecological changes in the Mediterranean Basin at 4.2 ka BP GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE 2022
Three millennia of vegetation, land-use, and climate change in SE Sicily FORESTS 2022
Millets and cereal meals from the Early Iron Age underwater settlement of “Gran Carro” (Bolsena Lake, Central Italy) SUSTAINABILITY 2022
The paleoenvironment and depositional context of the Sumerian site of Abu Tbeirah (Nasiriyah, southern Mesopotamia, Iraq) QUATERNARY RESEARCH 2022
Late Quaternary distribution of Arbutus in the western Eurasian, Mediterranean and Macaronesian regions Book of Abstracts 2022
History of Tilia in Europe since the Eemian. Past distribution patterns REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY 2022


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I am a palynologist, whose main interest is reconstructing the history of vegetation and climate in Europe during the Quaternary, in co-operation with geologists, palaeontologists, archaeologists and geneticists. 



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