Luca Persia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Determinants of the Use of Safety Restraint Systems in Italy TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Accident data analysis and on-field inspections. Do they lead to similar conclusions? TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
A methodology to design and assess scenarios within SULPs. The case of Bologna TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Identifying barriers to the potential implementation of road safety good practices in Africa 99th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, Washington 2020
Defining suitable Safe System Projects in Africa World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium-WMCAUS 2020
Road safety issues addressed by Africa Road Safety Plan: Are still relevant? World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium-WMCAUS 2020
Influence of psychological determinants on bus drivers’ risky behaviour and road traffic crashes along Yaounde-Douala highway Cameroon ADVANCES IN TRANSPORTATION STUDIES 2020
Regionalization of ports as a strategic leverage to improve competitiveness. A study on central italy ports and related hinterland INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION 2020
Smart-logistics for people management of innovative small and medium enterprises` development: Agile methodology EKONOMÌKA, EKOLOGÌÂ, SOCÌUM 2020
The role of Insurance companies to road traffic safety in Cameroon INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY 2020
Developing Safe System Projects in Africa 26th World Road Congress - PIARC 2019
Lo sviluppo dei sistemi di trasporto stradale e dell’incidentalità nei paesi a basso e medio reddito MEDIC. METODOLOGIA DIDATTICA E INNOVAZIONE CLINICA 2019
Shared autonomous electrical vehicles and urban mobility. A vision for Rome in 2035 Data Analytics : Proceedings of 4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (CSUM2018), 24 - 25 May, Skiathos Island, Greece 2019
Exploring temporal and spatial structure of urban road accidents. Some empirical evidences from Rome Data analytics : paving the way to sustainable urban mobility. Proceedings of 4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (Csum2018) 2019
A method to reveal supply chains in order to set up effective and sustainable city logistics solutions SR SCIENZE REGIONALI 2018
Revealing urban goods movements. Empirical evidences from some European cities TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2018
Agent-Based Simulation of urban goods distribution. A literature review TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2018
Assessing road safety data collection systems and definitions in Africa ADVANCES IN TRANSPORTATION STUDIES 2018
Aggregated analysis of in-depth accident causation data INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INJURY CONTROL AND SAFETY PROMOTION 2017
Data collection framework for understanding UFT within city logistics solutions TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2017

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