Luca Persia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
An Assessment of the Social Costs of Road Traffic Crashes in Cameroon SUSTAINABILITY 2023
The Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy: Country Comparative Overview Smart Technologies in Urban Engineering. Proceedings of STUE-2022 2023
Fractional vehicle ownership and revenue generation through blockchain asset tokenization TRANSPORT AND TELECOMMUNICATION 2023
A methodology to explore the road safety impact of fitness to drive solutions for commercial drivers: The PANACEA project TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
The problem of women’s “road unsafety” in Africa TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Scienze della sostenibilità. Energia - Risorse - Città - Acqua - Ecosistemi - Diritto. Con e-book 2022
Improving sustainable mobility in university campuses. The case study of Sapienza University TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2022
Development of a methodology to transfer road safety good practices in African countries ADVANCES IN TRANSPORTATION STUDIES 2021
Defining suitable Safe System projects: The experience of the SaferAfrica project in five African countries IATSS RESEARCH 2021
Research on Parents’ Attitude Towards Children Safe Transportation. The Cross-Sectional Survey Method Research Methods in Modern Urban Transportation Systems and Networks (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems vol. 207) 2021
Investigation of accidents involving powered two wheelers and bicycles. A European in-depth study JOURNAL OF SAFETY RESEARCH 2021
The driver’s visual perception research to analyze pedestrian safety at twilight TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Improving road safety knowledge in Africa through crowdsourcing. The African Road Safety Observatory TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Pedestrians influence on the traffic flow parameters and road safety indicators at the pedestrian crossing TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Road Safety Capacity Building in Belarus through the development of Road Safety Master Courses TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Determinants of the Use of Safety Restraint Systems in Italy TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Accident data analysis and on-field inspections. Do they lead to similar conclusions? TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
A methodology to design and assess scenarios within SULPs. The case of Bologna TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2020
Identifying barriers to the potential implementation of road safety good practices in Africa 99th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, Washington 2020
Defining suitable Safe System Projects in Africa World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium-WMCAUS 2020

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