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Minocycline treatment improves cognitive and functional plasticity in a preclinical mouse model of major depressive disorder BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2023
Natural killer cells and innate lymphoid cells 1 tune anxiety-like behavior and memory in mice via interferon-γ and acetylcholine NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Bromodomain and Extraterminal Domain (BET) Protein Inhibition Hinders Glioblastoma Progression by Inducing Autophagy-Dependent Differentiation INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
Lipopolysaccharide augments microglial GABA uptake by increasing GABA transporter‐1 trafficking and bestrophin‐1 expression GLIA 2023
Interleukin-15 alters hippocampal synaptic transmission and impairs episodic memory formation in mice BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY 2023
CCRL2 Expression by Specialized Lung Capillary Endothelial Cells Controls NK-cell Homing in Lung Cancer CANCER IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH 2023
Muscle Damage in Dystrophic mdx Mice Is Influenced by the Activity of Ca2+-Activated KCa3.1 Channels LIFE 2022
Editorial: The Effects of Enriched Environment on NK cells and Macrophages and Their Underlying Mechanisms FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Short-chain fatty acids promote the effect of environmental signals on the gut microbiome and metabolome in mice COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2022
Blocking Immune Cell infiltration of the Central Nervous System to Tame Neuroinflammation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis BRAIN, BEHAVIOR, AND IMMUNITY 2022
Microglial homeostasis disruption modulates non-rapid eye movement sleep duration and neuronal activity in adult female mice BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY 2022
Environmental enrichment counteracts the effects of glioma in primary visual cortex NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE 2022
Microglial Extracellular Vesicles as Modulators of Brain Microenvironment in Glioma INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
Astrocytes-Derived Small Extracellular Vesicles Hinder Glioma Growth BIOMEDICINES 2022
Microglial diversity along the hippocampal longitudinal axis impacts synaptic plasticity in adult male mice under homeostatic conditions JOURNAL OF NEUROINFLAMMATION 2022
Early developmental changes of muscle acetylcholine receptors are little influenced by dystrophin absence in mdx mouse LIFE 2022
In vivo morphological alterations of TAMs during KCa3.1 inhibition—by using in vivo two-photon time-lapse technology FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Microglial cells: Sensors for neuronal activity and microbiota-derived molecules FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Synthesis and use of an amphiphilic dendrimer for siRNA delivery into primary immune cells NATURE PROTOCOLS 2021
ATP-evoked intracellular Ca2+ transients shape the ionic permeability of human microglia from epileptic temporal cortex JOURNAL OF NEUROINFLAMMATION 2021


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  • Life-science technologies & biotechnologies

Interessi di ricerca

Comunicazione glia-neuroni in condizioni fisiologiche e patologiche come malattie neurodegenerative (SLA) e focali (glioma). Effetto degli stimoli ambientali nella modulazione della funzionalità sinapticain condizioni fisiologiche e patologiche. Comunicazione gut-brain e ruolo del sistema immunitario come mediatore della comunicazione bidirezionale. Ruolo della microglia nel sonno. Nanomedicina. 


sleep disorders
neurodegenerative disease
brain tumors
Synaptic transmission
Brain aging

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