Eugenio Del Re


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Anomalous Optical Properties of KTN:Li Ferroelectric Supercrystals NANOMATERIALS 2023
Intense Wave Formation from Multiple Soliton Fusion and the Role of Extra Dimensions PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2022
Direct Observation of Fractal-Dimensional Percolation in the 3D Cluster Dynamics of a Ferroelectric Supercrystal PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2021
Photonics and the Nobel Prize in Physics NATURE PHOTONICS 2021
Hyperbolic optics and superlensing in room-temperature KTN from self-induced k-space topological transitions NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Evidence of Chaotic Dynamics in Three-Soliton Collisions PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2021
Evidence of double-loop hysteresis in disordered ferroelectric crystal JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2020
Soliton Maxwell demons and long-tailed statistics in fluctuating optical fields OPTICS LETTERS 2020
Constraint-free wavelength conversion supported by giant optical refraction in a 3D perovskite supercrystal COMMUNICATIONS MATERIALS 2020
Observation of an exotic lattice structure in the transparent KTa1-xNbx O3 perovskite supercrystal PHYSICAL REVIEW. B 2020
Using Bessel Beams to Induce Optical Waveguides PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 2019
Observation of extreme nonreciprocal wave amplification from single soliton-soliton collisions PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2019
Topological control of extreme waves NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019
Confocal Imaging at 0.3 THz with depth resolution of a painted wood artwork for the identification of buried thin metal foils IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON TERAHERTZ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2018
Replica Symmetry Breaking in Nonlinear Wave Propagation OSA Techncail Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2018) 2018
Observation of Bessel-beam self-trapping PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2018
Observation of a Bessel beam soliton Optics InfoBase Conference Papers 2018
Observation of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou Recurrence and Its Exact Dynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW. X 2018
Cancellation of Bessel beam side lobes for high-contrast light sheet microscopy SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2018
Giant broadband refraction in the visible in a ferroelectric perovskite NATURE PHOTONICS 2018

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