Gian Marco Marmoni


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Transition from rock mass creep to progressive failure for rockslide initiation at Mt. Conero (Italy) GEOMORPHOLOGY 2023
Preliminary insights from hydrological field monitoring for the evaluation of landslide triggering conditions over large areas NATURAL HAZARDS 2023
From theory to practice: optimisation of available information for landslide hazard assessment in Rome relying on official, fragmented data sources LANDSLIDES 2023
Reliability assessment of open-source multiscale landslide susceptibility maps and effects of their fusion GEORISK 2023
Optical and Thermal Image Processing for Monitoring Rainfall Triggered Shallow Landslides: Insights from Analogue Laboratory Experiments REMOTE SENSING 2023
Increase in landslide activity after a low-magnitude earthquake as inferred from DInSAR interferometry SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Data requirements and scientific efforts for reliable large-scale assessment of landslide hazard in urban areas EGUsphere - EGU General Assembly 2022 2022
2D simplified landslide models inferred by statistical analyses on existing landslide databases for multi-hazard analysis: an application to the Campotosto Lake basin (Central Apennines, Italy) EGUSphere - EGU General Assembly 2022
Role of Antecedent Rainfall in the Earthquake-Triggered Shallow Landslides Involving Unsaturated Slope Covers APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Earthquake-induced reactivation of landslides under variable hydrostatic conditions: evaluation at regional scale and implications for risk assessment LANDSLIDES 2022
Explorative data analysis from multiparametric monitoring at the Acuto Field Laboratory (Central Italy) for detecting preparatory conditions to rock block instabilities ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2022
Environmental forcings and micro‑seismic monitoring in a rock wall prone to fall during the 2018 Buran winter storm NATURAL HAZARDS 2021
Integrated geophysical and geotechnical monitoring for multiscale rock mass damaging investigation at the Acuto Field-Lab (Italy) EGU General Assembly 2021 2021
3D Thermal Monitoring of Jointed Rock Masses through Infrared Thermography and Photogrammetry REMOTE SENSING 2021
Numerical modelling of geothermal heat flux and ice velocity influencing the thermal conditions of the Priestley Glacier trough (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) GEOMORPHOLOGY 2021
Integration of satellite-based A-DInSAR and geological modeling supporting the prevention from anthropogenic sinkholes. A case study in the urban area of Rome GEOMATICS, NATURAL HAZARDS & RISK 2021
Thermal monitoring to infer possible interactions between shallow hydrothermal system and slope-scale gravitational deformation of Mt Epomeo (Ischia Island, Italy) Volcanic Island: from Hazard Assessment to Risk Mitigation 2021
Landslides triggered after the 16 August 2018 Mw 5.1 Molise earthquake (Italy) by a combination of intense rainfalls and seismic shaking LANDSLIDES 2020
Integrated field surveying and land surface quantitative analysis to assess landslide proneness in the Conero promontory rocky coast (Italy) APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
Modelling of thermo-mechanical effects in a rock quarry wall induced by near-surface temperature fluctuations INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROCK MECHANICS AND MINING SCIENCES 2020


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slope stability
numerical modelling
earthquake-triggered landslides
landslide risk
remote sensing

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