Jacopo Ciambella


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A theory of magneto-elastic nanorods obtained through rigorous dimension reduction APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 2022
Image-based operational modal analysis and damage detection validated in an instrumented small-scale steel frame structure MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2022
Passive and active fiber reorientation in anisotropic materials INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE 2022
Identificazione e modellazione strutturale di ponti ferroviari con impalcati a graticcio Atti del convegno Fabre 2022 2022
Caratterizzazione statica, dinamica e monitoraggio a lungo termine di viadotti autostradali della rete a24-a25 Atti del convegno Fabre 2022 2022
An Ogden-like formulation incorporating phase-field fracture in elastomers: From brittle to pseudo-ductile failures PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SERIES A: MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES 2022
Structural analysis and health monitoring of twentieth-century cultural heritage: the Flaminio Stadium in Rome SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS 2021
A structurally frame-indifferent model for anisotropic visco-hyperelastic materials JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICS AND PHYSICS OF SOLIDS 2021
Modeling of a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge using geometric and vibration data to update cable tensioning PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON DYNAMICS AND AERODYNAMICS OF CABLES • ISDAC 2021 16-17 SEPTEMBER 2021, STAVANGER, NORWAY 2021
A form-finding strategy for magneto-elastic actuators INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS 2020
A model for optimizing hooked end steel fibre reinforcements in cracked cement composites APPLICATIONS IN ENGINEERING SCIENCE 2020
A multiscale model for optimizing the flexural capacity of FRC structural elements COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING 2020
Capitolo 6 - Monitoraggio strutturale sostenibile - Introduzione Progetto SISMI-DTC Lazio. Conoscenze e innovazioni per la ricostruzione il miglioramento sismico dei centri storici del Lazio 2020
Modal curvature-based damage localization in weakly damaged continuous beams MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2019
Analytical bond model for general type of reinforcements of finite embedment length in cracked cement based materials INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES 2019
Torque-induced reorientation in active fibre-reinforced materials SOFT MATTER 2019
Magneto-induced remodelling of fibre-reinforced elastomers INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS 2019
The use of different modal quantities for damage identification SMART 2019 9th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials 2019
Optical flow dynamic measurements with high-speed camera on a small-scale steel frame structure Proceedings of XXIV AIMETA Conference 2019. AIMETA 2019. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019
A nonlinear theory for fibre-reinforced magneto-elastic rods PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. SERIES A 2018


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Interessi di ricerca

The linear and nonlinear theory of elasticity and viscoelasticity with applications to polymers, composite and nano-composite materials and fiber-reinforced materials. He is also involved in structural identification and monitoring. He was the 2012 recipient of the Sapienza prize for the best PhD dissertation in Engineering and is the author of the monograph "An introduction to Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Filled-Rubber" published by Sapienza Editrice.


nonlinear elasticity
Nonlinear viscoelasticity
Magneto-viscoelastic materials
magneto-rheological elastomers
Mathematical modelling

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