Francesca Castorina


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Mineralogy, fluid inclusion, and C-O-Sr isotope geochemistry to unravel the evolution of the magmatic-hydrothermal system at the Igoudrane silver-rich deposit (Imiter District, Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) MINERALS 2021
Archaeometry of a Roman millstone from Santa Maria Arabona, Manoppello (Abruzzo, central Italy) MINERALS 2021
Elemental and Sr-isotope characterization of the high-altitude Bosa vineyard in the Apuan Alps UNESCO Global Geopark (Italy) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 2020
Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic evidence for petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of Lower-Middle Triassic volcanogenic rocks from central Greece. Implications for the Neotethyan Pindos ocean MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY 2020
The 430-365 ka tephra record from Fucino Basin, central Italy: implications for the Mediterranean tephrochronology and the peri-Tyrrhenian explosive volcanism Conferenza A. Rittmann 2020
Strontium and oxygen isotopes as indicators of Longobards mobility in Italy: an investigation at Povegliano Veronese SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Carbonatites from the southern Brazilian Platform: A review. II: Isotopic evidences OPEN GEOSCIENCES 2020
Carbonatites from the Southern Brazilian platform: I OPEN GEOSCIENCES 2020
Tectonics, dynamics and Plio‐Pleistocene magmatism in the central Tyrrhenian Sea: insights from the submarine transitional basalts of the Ventotene volcanic Ridge (Pontine Islands, Italy) GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS 2020
Rare earth element and Sr-Nd isotopic evidence for the origin of fluorite from the Silius vein deposit (southeastern Sardinia, Italy) JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION 2020
Syntectonic fluid flow and deformation mechanisms within the frontal thrust of a foreland fold-and-thrust belt. Example from the Internal Jura, Eastern France TECTONOPHYSICS 2020
Assessing the origin of Sr and Nd isotopes and (REE+Y) in Middle-Upper Pleistocene travertines from the Acquasanta Terme area (Marche, central Italy) and implications for neotectonics APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY 2020
The Roc Blanc orogenic Pb-Zn-Ag-Au deposit (Morocco). A product of metamorphic dehydration and CO2 devolatilization during exhumation of the Variscan Jebilet massif MINERALIUM DEPOSITA 2019
The Garamantes from Fewet (Ghat, Fazzan, Libya). A skeletal perspective Burials, migration and identity in the Sahara and beyond.Trans-Saharan archaeology, Volume 2. 2019
Early explosive activity at Vico volcano, central Italy: a new perspective from proximal and distal sedimentary archives Congresso congiunto SGI-SIMP-SOGEI Parma 2019 2019
Italian carbonatite system. From mantle to ore-deposit ORE GEOLOGY REVIEWS 2019
Mobility patterns from the Povegliano Veronese burial ground. Preliminary strontium isotope results Migrazioni, clan, culture. Archeologia, genetica e isotopi stabili. 3. incontro per l'archeologia barbarica, Milano, 18 maggio 2018 2019
Time-dependent Sr and Nd isotope variations during the evolution of the ultrapotassic Sabatini Volcanic District (Roman province, Central Italy) BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY 2019
Rare earth elements, yttrium, and the isotopic composition of Sr and Nd for assessing the origin of the Quaternary travertines from Acquasanta Terme (Marche, central Italy) Goldschmidt archive website 2019
Riverine influence in Sr isotope ratio of mollusk shells and relationship with foraminiferal assemblages in a Late Quaternary succession of the Po River Delta (Northern Italy) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 2018

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