Vittorio Loreto


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Urban Economic Fitness and Complexity from Patent Data SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2023
The geography of innovation dynamics 2023
Exploitation and exploration in text evolution. Quantifying planning and translation flows during writing PLOS ONE 2023
The supply and demand of news during COVID-19 and assessment of questionable sources production NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR 2022
Evolving collaboration, dependencies, and use in the Rust Open Source Software ecosystem SCIENTIFIC DATA 2022
Loss of sustainability in scientific work NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2022
Heterogeneity and segregation of mobility patterns Handbook on Entropy, Complexity and Spatial Dynamics 2021
Emergence and evolution of social networks through exploration of the adjacent possible space COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS 2021
Finding successful strategies in a complex urban sustainability game SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Unsupervised inference approach to facial attractiveness PEERJ 2020
Ranking the effectiveness of worldwide COVID-19 government interventions NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR 2020
Hamiltonian modelling of macro-economic urban dynamics ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE 2020
Interacting discovery processes on complex networks PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Quantifying exaptation in scientific evolution Understanding innovation through exaptation 2020
Efficient team structures in an open-ended cooperative creativity experiment PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2019
Subjectivity and complexity of facial attractiveness SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
General scores for accessibility and inequality measures in urban areas ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE 2019
Zipf's, Heaps' and Taylor's laws are determined by the expansion into the adjacent possible ENTROPY 2018
Data-compression approach to authorship attribution Proceeding of the Workshop "Drawing Elena Ferrante's Profile", Padova University Press 2018
Copystree gaming artificial phylogenies LANGUAGE DYNAMICS AND CHANGE (PRINT) 2018

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