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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
First-in-human validation of a DROP-IN β-probe for robotic radioguided surgery: defining optimal signal-to-background discrimination algorithm EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING 2024
Nearest Neighbours Graph Variational AutoEncoder ALGORITHMS 2023
Calculation of electron interaction models in N2 and O2 PHYSICA MEDICA 2023
Experimental validation of an innovative approach in biokinetics study for personalised dosimetry of molecular radiation therapy treatments PHYSICS IN MEDICINE & BIOLOGY 2023
Hydrophilic gold nanoparticles as Anti-PD-L1 antibody carriers. Synthesis and interface properties PARTICLE & PARTICLE SYSTEMS CHARACTERIZATION 2022
Multimodal evaluation of 19F-BPA internalization in pancreatic cancer cells for boron capture and proton therapy potential applications PHYSICA MEDICA 2022
Perspectives of Gas Phase Ion Chemistry: Spectroscopy and Modeling CONDENSED MATTER 2022
90Y-DOTA-nimotuzumab: Synthesis of a Promising β⁻ radiopharmaceutical CURRENT RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS 2021
Detection of Interfractional Morphological Changes in Proton Therapy: A Simulation and In Vivo Study With the INSIDE In-Beam PET FRONTIERS IN PHYSICS 2021
Monitoring Carbon Ion Beams Transverse Position Detecting Charged Secondary Fragments: Results From Patient Treatment Performed at CNAO FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2021
Technical note: a wearable radiation measurement system for collection of patient-specific time-activity data in radiopharmaceutical therapy: system design and Monte Carlo simulation results MEDICAL PHYSICS 2021
Localization of anatomical changes in patients during proton therapy with in-beam PET monitoring: a voxel-based morphometry approach exploiting Monte Carlo simulations MEDICAL PHYSICS 2021
Radioguided surgery with β− radiation in pancreatic Neuroendocrine tumors: a feasibility study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Tumor-non-tumor discrimination by a β- detector for Radio Guided Surgery on ex-vivo neuroendocrine tumors samples PHYSICA MEDICA 2020
Preliminary results in using Deep Learning to emulate BLOB, a nuclear interaction model PHYSICA MEDICA 2020
Report on G4-Med, a Geant4 benchmarking system for medical physics applications developed by the Geant4 Medical Simulation Benchmarking Group MEDICAL PHYSICS 2020
Inter-fractional monitoring of 12 C ions treatments: results from a clinical trial at the CNAO facility SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Stability and efficiency of a CMOS sensor as detector of low energy β and γ particles JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION 2020
A DROP-IN beta probe for robot-assisted 68Ga-PSMA radioguided surgery: first ex vivo technology evaluation using prostate cancer specimens EJNMMI RESEARCH 2020
A design for an electromagnetic filter for precision energy measurements at the tritium endpoint PROGRESS IN PARTICLE AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS 2019

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