Riccardo Malpica Galassi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Family of Skeletal Reaction Mechanisms for Methane–Oxygen Combustion in Rocket Propulsion JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER 2024
An enhanced Sample-Partitioning Adaptive Reduced Chemistry method with a-priori error estimation COMBUSTION AND FLAME 2024
Automated adaptive chemistry for Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent reacting flows COMBUSTION AND FLAME 2024
Incremental sampling methods for multi-fidelity surrogate modelling of a MILD combustion furnace APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2024
CSP-driven optimization of a 16-species skeletal mechanism for methane ignition at high pressure AIAA SCITECH Forum 2023
Uncertainty quantification analysis of RANS of spray swirling jets undergoing vortex breakdown Mediterranean Combustion Symposium 2023
Unsteady RANS simulations with uncertainty quantification of a spray combustor under liquid rocket engine relevant conditions AIAA Scitech 2023 Forum 2023
Model identification in reactor-based combustion closures using sparse symbolic regression COMBUSTION AND FLAME 2023
Model-to-model Bayesian calibration of a Chemical Reactor Network for pollutant emission predictions of an ammonia-fuelled multistage combustor INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 2023
Uncertainty quantification analysis of Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes simulation of spray swirling jets undergoing vortex breakdown INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPRAY AND COMBUSTION DYNAMICS 2023
A Stokes number-based improvement for stochastic dispersion model for large eddy simulation ATOMIZATION AND SPRAYS 2023
An adaptive time-integration scheme for stiff chemistry based on computational singular perturbation and artificial neural networks JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS 2022
A Family of Skeletal Mechanisms for Methane Oxidation at High Pressure 44th Meeting of the Italian Section of the Combustion Institute 2022
The spectral characterisation of reduced order models in chemical kinetic systems COMBUSTION THEORY AND MODELLING 2022
PyCSP: A Python package for the analysis and simplification of chemically reacting systems based on Computational Singular Perturbation COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS 2022
The partially stirred reactor model for combustion closure in large eddy simulations: physical principles, sub-models for the cell reacting fraction, and open challenges PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2022
Impact of scalar mixing uncertainty on the predictions of reactor-based closures: Application to a lifted methane/air jet flame PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE 2022
Large eddy simulation with flamelet progress variable approach via neural network acceleration AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum 2021
Local combustion regime identification using machine learning COMBUSTION THEORY AND MODELLING 2021
Uncertainty quantification in RANS prediction of LOX cross-flow injection in methane AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum, 2021 2021


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  • Big data & computing
  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

  • Aerospace Propulsion, Pollutant emissions, Hybrid-Electric aircrafts 

  • Combustion modelling

  • Numerical simulation of reacting flows and sprays

  • Linear/Non-Linear multi-scale dynamical systems

  • Model reduction

  • Uncertainty quantification 

  • Machine Learning in combustion



Gruppi di ricerca

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