Cinzia Daraio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Determinants of the incidence of non-academic staff in European and US HEIs HIGHER EDUCATION 2023
How does Internationalisation affect the productivity of R&D activities in large innovative firms? A conditional nonparametric investigation QUALITY & QUANTITY 2023
An integrated dataset providing a landscape of the Italian Universities DATA IN BRIEF 2023
Systematic reviews as a metaknowledge tool: caveats and a review of available options INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN OPERATIONAL RESEARCH 2023
DEA, balanced scorecard and intellectual capital including the gender dimension: A comprehensive list of indicators INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN OPERATIONAL RESEARCH 2023
Meta-choices in ranking knowledge-based organizations MANAGEMENT DECISION 2022
Accounting for quality in data integration systems: a completeness-aware integration approach SCIENTOMETRICS 2022
How should evaluation be? Is a good evaluation of research also just? Towards the implementation of good evaluation SCIENTOMETRICS 2022
A Framework for the Analysis of the Sustainability of the Energy Retail Market SUSTAINABILITY 2022
A visual analytics approach for the assessment of information quality of performance models—a software review SCIENTOMETRICS 2022
A heuristic approach based on Leiden rankings to identify outliers: evidence from Italian universities in the european landscape SCIENTOMETRICS 2022
Worldwide bilateral geopolitical interactions network inferred from national disciplinary profiles PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2022
Henk F. Moed (1951-2021) Obituary SCIENTOMETRICS 2022
Can we estimate a monetary value of scientific publications? RESEARCH POLICY 2021
Optimization methods for the imputation of missing values in Educational Institutions Data METHODSX (AMSTERDAM) 2021
Quality as a latent heterogeneity factor in the efficiency of universities ECONOMIC MODELLING 2021
Perché è importante fare una buona valutazione della ricerca. La proposta delle virtù BOLLETTINO DELLA SOCIETÀ FILOSOFICA ITALIANA 2021
An ontology-based semantic design for good evaluations of research practices 18th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics (ISSI2021) 2021
Multicriteria ranking for the efficient and effective assessment of police departments SUSTAINABILITY 2021
A visual analytics environment for the assessment of information quality of performance models 18th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, ISSI 2021 2021


  • SH1_6


  • Big data & computing

Interessi di ricerca

  • efficiency and productivity analysis
  • applied statistics/ econometrics
  • economics of education, economics of science and technology
  • bibliometrics
  • industrial organization
  • data quality and data integration


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