Sergio Brutti


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Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaic Devices: Interface/Bulk Properties and Stability Issues NANOMATERIALS 2024
Chapter: Emerging batteries - closed systems. Book: Emerging Battery Technologies to Boost the Clean Energy Transition: Cost, Sustainability, and Performance Analysis Emerging Battery Technologies to Boost the Clean Energy Transition: Cost, Sustainability, and Performance Analysis 2024
Improved compatibility of α-NaMnO2 cathodes in ionic liquid electrolytes 3rd Italian Workshop on Energy Storage (IWES 2024) 2024
Superior compatibility of silicon nanowire anodes in ionic liquid electrolytes ENERGY MATERIALS 2024
On the Elusive Crystallography of Lithium‐Rich Layered Oxides: Novel Structural Models SMALL METHODS 2024
Stable cycling of sodium metal anodes enabled by a sodium/silica‐gel host CHEMELECTROCHEM 2023
Cellulose Nanocrystals as Additives in Electrospun Biocompatible Separators for Aprotic Lithium-Ion Batteries ACS APPLIED POLYMER MATERIALS 2023
Li-rich layered oxides. Structure and doping strategies to enable Co-Poor/Co-Free cathodes for Li-Ion batteries CRYSTALS 2023
Understanding the Impact of Fe-Doping on the Structure and Battery Performance of a Co-Free Li-Rich Layered Cathodes CHEMELECTROCHEM 2023
Aprotic Sulfur-Metal Batteries: Lithium and Beyond ACS ENERGY LETTERS 2023
Sustainable Adsorbent Material Prepared by Soft Alkaline Activation of Spent Coffee Grounds: Characterisation and Adsorption Mechanism of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Solid–Electrolyte Interface Formation on Si Nanowires in Li-Ion Batteries: The Impact of Electrolyte Additives BATTERIES 2023
Super Hygroscopic Non-Stoichiometric Cerium Oxide Particles as Electrode Component for PEM Fuel Cells CHEMELECTROCHEM 2023
Chromium-Doped Nickel Cobaltite Nanoneedles as a Cathodic Material for Li-O2Cells: An X-ray Photoemission and Photoabsorption Spectroscopy Investigation ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS 2023
Smartphone-Based Electrochemical Biosensor for On-Site Nutritional Quality Assessment of Coffee Blends MOLECULES 2023
Some Considerations about the Anodic Limit of Ionic Liquids Obtained by Means of DFT Calculations ENTROPY 2023
Influence of Deposition Conditions and Thermal Treatments on Morphological and Chemical Characteristics of Li6.75La3Zr1.75Ta0.25O12 Thin Films Deposited by Nanosecond PLD COATINGS 2023
Superior Compatibility of Hard-Carbon Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries in Ionic Liquid Electrolytes CHEMSUSCHEM 2023
Smartphone-based electrochemical biosensor for on-site nutritional quality assessment of coffee blends MOLECULES 2023
A Computational Study on Halogen/Halide Redox Mediators and Their Role in 1O2 Release in Aprotic Li–O2 Batteries JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. A, MOLECULES, SPECTROSCOPY, KINETICS, ENVIRONMENT, & GENERAL THEORY 2023


  • PE4_1


  • Advanced materials
  • Sustainable technologies & development

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My research interests fall in the field of solid state chemistry and thermodynamics with the final aim to develop knowledge-based advanced materials for advanced technological applications. In particular my research approach integrates vertically the investigation of materials for energy applications exploiting a variety of techniques and complementary-strategies: (a) physical-chemistry experimental characterization of the materials structural, thermodynamic and morphological properties (X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, X-ray photoemission spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopies; Nitrogen adsorption; thermal analysis, calorimetric analysis); (b) functional characterization of materials (and processes) in energy storage devices ex situ and in operando (Li-batteries, Na-batteries, Li-O2 batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, H2 sorption alloys) (c) computational modelling by density functional theory (DFT) of solids and molecules (gas phase and solvated in simulated dielectrics) to evaluate their thermodynamic properties in relevant application environment


battery energy storage
lithium battery
In situ X-ray powder diffraction
raman microscopy
FTIR spectroscopy

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