Marco Oliverio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Spicy food for the egg-cowries: the evolution of corallivory in the Ovulidae (Gastropoda: Cypraeoidea) FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE 2024
Phylogenomics of Neogastropoda: The Backbone Hidden in the Bush SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY 2024
Neither slugs nor snails: a molecular reappraisal of the gastropod family Velutinidae ZOOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 2023
Hidden species diversity and mito-nuclear discordance within the Mediterranean cone snail, Lautoconus ventricosus MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2023
Manuale di zoologia 2023
Evaluating the taxonomic status of the large sized Tricolia Risso, 1826 in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2023
Whelks, rock-snails, and allied: a new phylogenetic framework for the family Muricidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) THE EUROPEAN ZOOLOGICAL JOURNAL 2023
Taxonomic discussion on scientific names for Pacific oysters requires evidence-based arguments and pluralism AQUACULTURE 2022
Re-evaluating the case for poecilogony in the gastropod Planaxis sulcatus (Cerithioidea, Planaxidae) BMC ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2022
A molecular framework for the systematics of the Mediterranean spindle-shells (Gastropoda, Neogastropoda, Fasciolariidae, Fusininae) MEDITERRANEAN MARINE SCIENCE 2022
Let bygones be bygones: The troubled chronicle of Odostomia unidentata (Montagu, 1803) (Gastropoda: Pyramidellidae) BOLLETTINO MALACOLOGICO 2022
From Shells in House Cabinets to Structured Data for Research: The mobilization of frozen biodiversity data in Italy BIODIVERSITY INFORMATION SCIENCE AND STANDARDS 2022
How Many Abalone Species Live in the Mediterranean Sea? DIVERSITY 2022
Antarctic coastal nanoplankton dynamics revealed by metabarcoding of desalination plant filters: Detection of short-term events and implications for routine monitoring SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2021
Becoming a limpet: An ‘intermittent limpetization’ process driven by host features in the kleptoparasitic gastropod family Capulidae MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2021
Candidate cases of poecilogony in Neogastropoda: Implications for the systematics of the genus Raphitoma Bellardi, 1847 INVERTEBRATE SYSTEMATICS 2020
High genetic connectivity in a gastropod with long-lived planktonic larvae THE JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES 2020
Increase in knowledge of the marine gastropod fauna of Lebanon since the 19th century BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE 2020
Revision of the Recent Alvania scabra (Philippi, 1844) complex (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Rissoidae) from the Mediterranean Sea with the description of a new species ZOOTAXA 2020
High cryptic diversity in the kleptoparasitic genus Hyalorisia Dall, 1889 (Littorinimorpha: Capulidae) with the description of nine new species from the Indo-West Pacific THE JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES 2020

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