Maria Quintigliano


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Psychodynamic university counseling: which factors predict psychological functioning after intervention? FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Parenting, dyadic coping, and child emotion regulation in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parent families through assisted reproduction JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE AND INFANT PSYCHOLOGY 2023
Psychological variables underlying improved well-being in college students: a qualitative and quantitative analysis within a university counseling intervention 2023
Sensitivity and attachment in sexual minority parent families: Differences by parent gender and caregiving role 18th World Congress for the World Association for Infant Mental Health Book of Abstracts (part 1) Sunday 16th July 2023 2023
The intergenerational transmission of attachment during middle childhood in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parent families through assisted reproduction: The mediating role of reflective functioning ATTACHMENT & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 2023
Attachment transmission during middle childhood in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual families formed through assisted reproduction 2023
Attachment Figures among Donor-Conceived Children of Lesbian Mothers in Middle Childhood SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2023
Intergenerational transmission of attachment in middle childhood in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parent families formed by assisted reproduction ICPS 2023 Program Book 2023
Parental Burnout, Coparenting, and Internalized Sexual Stigma During COVID-19 in Parents With Minoritized Sexual Identities JOURNAL OF FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY 2023
The Role of Complex Trauma and Attachment Patterns in Intimate Partner Violence FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2022
Parent–Child Relationship Scale (P‐CRS): A valid and clinically sensitive tool for assessing the parent‐child relationship INFANT MENTAL HEALTH JOURNAL 2022
Assessment in infancy and early childhood: New tools and perspectives. 9th EU-SPR Chapter Meeting Rome 2022 - Therapist Responsiveness: Challenges and Opportunities - Book of Abstract 2022
Adolescent Development and the Parent–Adolescent Relationship in Diverse Family Forms Created by Assisted Reproduction INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2022
Psychological assessment in infancy and early childhood: The Parent-Child Relationship Scale Book of Abstracts - 30º Congresso dell’Associazione Italiana di Psicologia 2022
Heart rate variability and interoceptive accuracy predict impaired decision-making in Gambling Disorder JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL ADDICTIONS 2021
Role of Parental Attachment Styles in Moderating Interaction Between Parenting Stress and Perceived Infant Characteristics FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021
Il contributo della teoria dell’attaccamento e della ricerca psicofisiologica alla comprensione della regolazione emozionale GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2021
P-CRS: A Clinical Scale to Assess the Parent-Child Relationship in Infancy and Early Childhood INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2020
Attachment states of mind and interoceptive accuracy in patients with gambling disorder: a pilot study MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2019

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