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Hysterectomy alone vs. hysterectomy plus sentinel node mapping in endometrial cancer: Perioperative and long-term results from a propensity-score based study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY 2023
The Efficacy of Dienogest in Reducing Disease and Pain Recurrence After Endometriosis Surgery: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES 2023
A systematic review and meta-analysis on the optimal treatment duration of checkpoint inhibitoRS in solid tumors: The OTHERS study CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ONCOLOGY HEMATOLOGY 2023
HPV persistence after cervical surgical excision of high-grade cervical lesions CANCER CYTOPATHOLOGY 2023
PARP Inhibitors in Newly Diagnosed and Recurrent Ovarian Cancer AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 2023
Therapeutic Approaches to Vulvar Cancer: A Review of Literature CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY 2023
Uterine sarcomas: A critical review of the literature EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY, AND REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY 2023
Prevention, Screening, Treatment and Follow-Up of Gynecological Cancers: State of Art and Future Perspectives CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY 2023
The efficacy of preoperative low-residue diet on postoperative ileus following cesarean section THE JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE 2023
Intraoperative Three-Dimensional Transvaginal Ultrasound for Hysteroscopic Metroplasty: a Controlled Study REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES 2023
HPV-related lesions after hysterectomy for high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and early-stage cervical cancer: A focus on the potential role of vaccination TUMORI 2023
Duration of human papillomavirus persistence and its relationship with recurrent cervical dysplasia EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2023
Management of primary and recurrent Bartholin's gland carcinoma: A systematic review on behalf of MITO Rare Cancer Group TUMORI 2023
Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine in gynecologic oncology patients: a prospective cohort study VACCINES 2022
HPV vaccination after primary treatment of HPV-related disease across different organ sites: a multidisciplinary comprehensive review and meta-analysis VACCINES 2022
Preoperative low-residue diet in gynecological surgery EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY, AND REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY 2022
Long-term Quality of Life and Sexual Function After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Radical Surgery for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer JOURNAL OF SEXUAL MEDICINE 2022
Clear cell carcinoma of the endometrium GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY 2022
Characteristics and patterns of care of endometrial cancer before and during COVID-19 pandemic JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY 2022

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