Alfredo Berardelli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Voice analysis in adductor spasmodic dysphonia: Objective diagnosis and response to botulinum toxin PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2020
Enhancing gamma oscillations restores primary motor cortex plasticity in Parkinson's disease THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2020
Does EMG provide essential information for the diagnosis and treatment of blepharospasm? CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2020
Botulinum toxin effects on sensorimotor integration in focal dystonias TOXINS 2020
Is there evidence of bradykinesia in essential tremor? EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2020
The potential impact of enhanced hygienic measures during the COVID-19 outbreak on hospital-acquired infections: A pragmatic study in neurological units JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2020
Gamma-transcranial alternating current stimulation and theta-burst stimulation. inter-subject variability and the role of BDNF CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2020
Isolated head tremor: a DAT-SPECT and somatosensory temporal discrimination study PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2020
Investigating the effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on primary somatosensory cortex SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Risk factors of Parkinson’s disease: Simultaneous assessment, interactions and etiological subtypes NEUROLOGY 2020
The Pathophysiological Correlates of Parkinson's Disease Clinical Subtypes MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2020
Differential effects of motor skill acquisition on the primary motor and sensory cortices in healthy humans THE JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 2020
Functional disconnection of the dentate nucleus in essential tremor JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2020
Suicidal ideation, hopelessness, and affective temperament in patients with blepharospasm INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE 2020
Myoclonic epilepsy, parkinsonism, schizophrenia and left-handedness as common neuropsychiatric features in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS 2020
The TANDEM investigation: efficacy and tolerability of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel in (LCIG) advanced Parkinson's disease patients JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION 2020
Machine-learning analysis of voice samples recorded through smartphones: the combined effect of ageing and gender SENSORS 2020
Painful stimulation increases spontaneous blink rate in healthy subjects SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Clinical and Kinematic Features of Valproate-Induced Tremor and Differences with Essential Tremor CEREBELLUM 2020
Development of a Clinical Rating Scale for the Severity of Apraxia of Eyelid Opening, Either Isolated or Associated with Blepharospasm MOVEMENT DISORDERS CLINICAL PRACTICE 2020

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