Alfredo Berardelli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Freezing of gait in parkinson's disease. gray and white matter abnormalities JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2018
Abnormal somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease: Pathophysiological correlates and role in motor control deficits CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2018
Reappraisal of cortical myoclonus: A retrospective study of clinical neurophysiology MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2018
Boosting the LTP-like plasticity effect of intermittent theta-burst stimulation using gamma transcranial alternating current stimulation BRAIN STIMULATION 2018
Neurophysiological correlates of bradykinesia in Parkinson's disease BRAIN 2018
Detection of α-Synuclein in saliva: the Importance of preanalytical assessment MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2018
Effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on repetitive finger movements in healthy humans NEURAL PLASTICITY 2018
Functional eyelid opening apraxia: a kinematic study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2018
Somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease, dystonia and essential tremor: Pathophysiological and clinical implications CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2018
Tremor in motor neuron disease may be central rather than peripheral in origin EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2018
Parkinsonism is associated with altered primary motor cortex plasticity in frontotemporal dementia–primary progressive aphasia variant NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING 2018
Consensus for the measurement of the camptocormia angle in the standing patient PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2018
Cerebellar and brainstem functional abnormalities in patients with primary orthostatic tremor MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2018
Pain in Parkinson's disease: facts and uncertainties EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2018
Photophobia in multiple sclerosis MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS 2018
Frontotemporal dementia: a neurophysiological study. AGING 2018
Suicidal ideation, perceived disability, hopelessness and affective temperaments in patients affected by Parkinson's disease INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE 2018
Abnormal cerebellar connectivity patterns in patients with parkinson’s disease and freezing of gait CEREBELLUM 2018
Plasticity induced in the human spinal cord by focal muscle vibration FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2018
Abnormal sensory gating in patients with different types of focal dystonias MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2018

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