Vito Domenico Corleto


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Prevalence of segmental colitis associated with colonic diverticulosis in a prospective cohort of patients who underwent colonoscopy in a tertiary center JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2022
In Elderly Anemic Patients without Endoscopic Signs of Bleeding Are Duodenal Biopsies Always Necessary to Rule Out Celiac Disease? DIAGNOSTICS 2022
A New SMAD4 Splice Site Variant in a Three-Generation Italian Family with Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome DIAGNOSTICS 2022
Isolated intestinal Ganglioneuromatosis: case report and literature review THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS 2021
Diagnostic Accuracy of EndoFaster® and Narrow-Band Imaging Endoscopy in Patients with Impaired Gastric Acid Secretion: A Real-Time Prospective Study GASTROENTEROLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 2021
Gastrointestinal endoscopy can be safely performed during pandemic SARS-CoV-2 infection in Central Italy EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY 2021
Skin manifestations and coeliac disease in paediatric population NUTRIENTS 2021
Dieulafoy lesion. two pediatric case reports THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS 2020
Faecal calprotectin and ultrasonography as non-invasive screening tools for detecting colorectal polyps in children with sporadic rectal bleeding. a prospective study THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS 2020
Frog skin-derived peptides against corynebacterium jeikeium: correlation between antibacterial and cytotoxic activities ANTIBIOTICS 2020
Enteroscopy in children and adults with inflammatory bowel disease WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 2020
Eosinophilic esophagitis in children: clinical findings and diagnostic approach CURRENT PEDIATRIC REVIEWS 2020
Flash on gut microbiome in gestational diabetes: a pilot study NEW MICROBIOLOGICA 2020
Improving assessment and management of large non-pedunculated colorectal lesions in a Western center over 10 years: lessons learned and clinical impact ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2020
Who comes first: Rescheduling endoscopic activity after the acute phase of the Covid 19 pandemic DIGESTIVE AND LIVER DISEASE 2020
Current Perspectives in Atrophic Gastritis CURRENT GASTROENTEROLOGY REPORTS 2020
Occurrence of acute oesophageal necrosis (black oesophagus) in a single tertiary centre JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2019
Flash on Gut Microbiome in GDM and Non-GDM Pregnancies DIABETES 2018
Clinical management of endoscopically resected pT1 colorectal cancer ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2018
Mucosal adhesion and anti-inflammatory effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG in the human colonic mucosa. A proof-of-concept study WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 2018

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