Guido Pellegrini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Do Spatial Spillovers of Regional Policies Aid the Reduction of Regional Inequalities in Europe? Cities and regions in transition 2023
The long-term effects of mass layoffs: do local economies (ever) recover? JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY 2023
Can regional policies shape migration flows? PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE 2022
I will survive! The impact of place-based policies when public transfers fade out REGIONAL STUDIES 2022
What kind of region reaps the benefits of a currency union? JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE 2022
Does R&D Expenditure Boost Economic Growth in Lagging Regions? SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2021
Decomposing the employment effects of investment subsidies JOURNAL OF URBAN ECONOMICS 2021
How much does state aid mitigate employment losses? Local policy effects at a time of economic crisis REGIONAL STUDIES 2021
Endogenous amenities, tourists’ happiness and competitiveness REGIONAL STUDIES 2020
Local multipliers at work INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE 2020
Quality competition and environmental damage: is there a role for relative preferences? JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2020
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Firm Subsidies in Lagging-Behind Areas: The Italian Job SR SCIENZE REGIONALI 2020
Fighting long-term unemployment: Do we have the whole picture? LABOUR ECONOMICS 2019
Are Regional Policies Effective? An Empirical Evaluation on the Diffusion of the Effects of R&D Incentives POLITICA ECONOMICA 2019
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Il sistema informativo sul turismo in Italia: proposte operative per la policy ECONOMIA DELLA CULTURA 2018
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La strategia di specializzazione intelligente nazionale e regionale in Italia: analisi di coerenza RIVISTA ECONOMICA DEL MEZZOGIORNO 2018
Industrial policy evaluation in the presence of spillovers SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS 2017


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  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

Guido Pellegrini is Full Professor of Economic Statistics and Statistical Methods for Policy Evaluation at the Department of Social and Economic Sciences of Sapienza, University of Rome. He was President of the Italian Association of Regional Sciences (AISRe) in the three-year period 2017-2019 and President of the Statistical Information Guarantee Commission, and is currently on the Board of Directors of Svimez and on the Scientific Council of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the D'Addario Foundation. Previously he worked as economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Italy.

He is an expert in the evaluation of programs and projects co-financed by European Funds or National and Regional Funds for the implementation and promotion of complex economic development programs. He has scientifically directed and coordinated the evaluation of numerous programs and projects concerning economic and social interventions of European, national and regional policies, in Italy and abroad. He has published over 150 papers in national and international journals on the evaluation of development and innovation policies, on interventions concerning incentives, credit and aid to enterprises, on the development of new enterprises and their survival, on economic growth and convergence between regions, on local development.


policy evaluation method
regional policy evaluation
National and local development
Convergenza regionale
industrial policy
R&D policy

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