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Continuous gravitational-wave data analysis with general purpose computing on graphic processing units UNIVERSE 2021
All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave bursts in the third Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo run PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2021
Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi and Swift during the LIGO-Virgo Run O3a THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2021
Erratum: Search for gravitational waves from Scorpius X-1 in the second Advanced LIGO observing run with an improved hidden Markov model [Phys. Rev. D 100, 122002 (2019)] PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2021
Erratum: Searches for continuous gravitational waves from 15 supernova remnants and fomalhaut b with advanced LIGO (ApJ (2019) 875 (122) DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ab113b) THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2021
Erratum: Searches for continuous gravitational waves from nine young supernova remnants (ApJ (2015) 813 (39) THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2021
Population Properties of Compact Objects from the Second LIGO???Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2021
The advanced Virgo longitudinal control system for the O2 observing run ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS 2020
Optically targeted search for gravitational waves emitted by core-collapse supernovae during the first and second observing runs of advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2020
GW190425: Observation of a Compact Binary Coalescence with Total Mass ∼ 3.4 M o THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2020
A guide to LIGO-Virgo detector noise and extraction of transient gravitational-wave signals CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2020
Model comparison from LIGO-Virgo data on GW170817's binary components and consequences for the merger remnant CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2020
Quantum Backaction on kg-Scale Mirrors: Observation of Radiation Pressure Noise in the Advanced Virgo Detector PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Gravitational-wave Constraints on the Equatorial Ellipticity of Millisecond Pulsars THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2020
A joint fermi-gbm and ligo/virgo analysis of compact binary mergers from the first and second gravitational-wave observing runs THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2020
GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 Solar Mass Black Hole with a 2.6 Solar Mass Compact Object THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2020
GW190412: Observation of a binary-black-hole coalescence with asymmetric masses PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2020
GW190521: A Binary Black Hole Merger with a Total Mass of 150 M PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
Properties and Astrophysical Implications of the 150 M o˙Binary Black Hole Merger GW190521 THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS 2020
Searches for Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars at Two Harmonics in 2015-2017 LIGO Data THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2020


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