Laura Palagi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Unboxing Tree Ensembles for interpretability: a hierarchical visualization tool and a multivariate optimal re-built tree 2023
Off-the-shelf solvers for mixed-integer conic programming: insights from a computational study on congested capacitated facility location instances 2023
A compact formulation for the base station deployment problem in wireless networks NETWORKS 2023
Optimization-based approaches for learning Optimal Classification Trees IFORS News 2023
A machine-learning based bio-psycho-social model for the prediction of non-obstructive and obstructive coronary artery disease CLINICAL RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY 2023
O.Si.Si: Optimal SIzing and SIting of stationary storage systems in railway electrical lines using a blackbox integer model JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE 2022
Margin Optimal Classification Trees 2022
Speeding up the solution of the site and power assignment problem in wireless networks 2022
An integer black-box optimization model for repairable spare parts management INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 2021
Machine Learning use for prognostic purposes in Multiple Sclerosis LIFE 2021
On the convergence of a Block-Coordinate Incremental Gradient method SOFT COMPUTING 2021
Moses: A new approach to integrate interactome topology and functional features for disease gene prediction GENES 2021
Supervised and unsupervised learning to classify scoliosis and healthy subjects based on non-invasive rasterstereography analysis PLOS ONE 2021
A machine-learning-based bio-psycho-social model for the prediction of non-obstructive and obstructive coronary artery disease EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 2021
Branching with hyperplanes in the criterion space: The frontier partitioner algorithm for biobjective integer programming EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH 2020
Data of patients undergoing rehabilitation programs DATA IN BRIEF 2020
Block layer decomposition schemes for training deep neural networks JOURNAL OF GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION 2020
Considering patient clinical history impacts performance of machine learning models in predicting course of multiple sclerosis PLOS ONE 2020
Optimal siting and sizing of wayside energy storage systems in a D.C. railway line ENERGIES 2020
Case Article—Production and Distribution Optimization of Beach Equipment for the Marinero Company TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION 2019


  • PE1_20


  • Big data & computing


Mathematical optimization.
machine learning
Management Science and Operations Research
support vector machines
Mixed Integer Programming

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