Francesca Caramia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Comment on "Lack of reproducibility of resting-state functional MRI findings in migraine with aura" CEPHALALGIA 2024
SUNCT syndrome secondary to multiple sclerosis: Not only trigeminal neuralgia MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 2024
The Spectrum of Neurological and Sensory Abnormalities in Gaucher Disease Patients: A Multidisciplinary Study (SENOPRO) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
Whole brain surface-based morphometry and tract-based spatial statistics in migraine with aura patients: difference between pure visual and complex auras FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2023
Sex differences in trigeminal neuralgia: a focus on radiological and clinical characteristics NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
Visual hallucinations in Lewy body disease: pathophysiological insights from phenomenology JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2022
A hypothalamic mechanism regulates the duration of a migraine attack. Insights from microstructural and temporal complexity of cortical functional networks analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging study in mentally ill persons with diminished penal responsibility considered socially dangerous PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH. NEUROIMAGING 2021
Thalamo-cortical networks in subtypes of migraine with aura patients THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2021
Hypothalamic structural integrity and temporal complexity of cortical information processing at rest in migraine without aura patients between attacks SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Brain Volume Alterations Using 3tesla Magnetic Resonance and Neuropsychological Findings in Gaucher Disease Patients BLOOD 2021
fMRI in Bell's Palsy: cortical activation is associated with clinical status in the acute and recovery phases JOURNAL OF NEUROIMAGING 2020
Multi-Parameter Neurological Study Based on Combined Conventional and Functional Assessments in Gaucher Disease Patients (SENOPRO_GAUCHER Study) BLOOD 2020
Increased neural connectivity between the hypothalamus and cortical resting-state functional networks in chronic migraine JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2020
Patients with chronic migraine without history of medication overuse are characterized by a peculiar white matter fiber bundle profile THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2020
Haemodynamic activity characterization of resting state networks by fractal analysis and thalamocortical morphofunctional integrity in chronic migraine THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2020
Functional alterations in visual networks underlie differences in the phenomenology of visual hallucinations in Lewy body disease ALZHEIMER'S & DEMENTIA 2020
Concomitant continuous pain in patients with trigeminal neuralgia is associated with trigeminal nerve root atrophy CEPHALALGIA 2020
Multidimensional neuropsychiatric evaluation in an Italian cohort of Gaucher disease 1 patients: A prospective study. Neurological Sciences 2020

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