Enrico Tronci


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Sexual attraction to visual sexual stimuli in association with steroid hormones across menstrual cycles and fertility treatment PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY 2023
The androgen system across the menstrual cycle: Hormonal, (epi-)genetic and psychometric alterations PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 2023
Optimizing Highly-Parallel Simulation-Based Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 2023
Optimizing Fault-Tolerant Quality-Guaranteed Sensor Deployments for UAV Localization in Critical Areas via Computational Geometry IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS. SYSTEMS 2023
STARGATE-X: a Python package for statistical analysis on the REACTOME network JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE BIOINFORMATICS 2023
Food preferences throughout the menstrual cycle – A computer-assisted neuro-endocrino-psychological investigation PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 2022
Complete populations of virtual patients for in silico clinical trials BIOINFORMATICS 2021
Reconciling interoperability with efficient Verification and Validation within open source simulation environments SIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORY 2021
Visualisation of Control Software for Cyber-Physical Systems INFORMATION 2021
On checking equivalence of simulation scripts THE JOURNAL OF LOGICAL AND ALGEBRAIC METHODS IN PROGRAMMING 2021
A Constraint Optimization–Based Sense and Response System for Interactive Business Performance Management APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2021
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Provides Evidence for New Strategies of Ovarian Stimulation FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY 2021
Any-horizon uniform random sampling and enumeration of constrained scenarios for simulation-based formal verification IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 2021
A Two-Layer Near-Optimal Strategy for Substation Constraint Management via Home Batteries IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS 2021
Cognitive function in association with high estradiol levels resulting from fertility treatment HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR 2021
Generating T1DM virtual patients for in silico clinical trials via AI-guided statistical model checking CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2020
In silico clinical trials through AI and statistical model checking Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Formal Verification, Logic, Automata, and Synthesis, OVERLAY 2019 2020
MILP, Pseudo-Boolean, and OMT Solvers for Optimal Fault-Tolerant Placements of Relay Nodes in Mission Critical Wireless Networks FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE 2020
Optimal Personalised Treatment Computation through In Silico Clinical Trials on Patient Digital Twins FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE 2020
Neuroprediction and A.I. in Forensic Psychiatry and Criminal Justice: A Neurolaw Perspective FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020

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