Stefano Ricci


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Influence of Signalling Systems on the Capacity of Railways by Lines and Nodes Assessment Methods TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Track geometry monitoring by an on-board computer-vision-based sensor system TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2023
Present and Future of Rail Freight. Problems and Challenges Modern Trends and Research in Intermodal Transportation 2022
Accessibility to passenger trains: review and tests of innovative solutions IRSA 2021 : Tagungsband, Proceedings : 3rd International Railway Symposium Aachen 2022
Effetti delle dimensioni delle navi sulle emissioni delle flotte container e passeggeri // Effects of ships’ dimension on emissions of container and cruise fleets INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2022
Migliorare l’accessibilità dei treni. Lezioni apprese dal progetto CARBODIN // Improving train accessibility. Lessons learned from the CARBODIN project INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2022
Scelta multi-criteri fra sistemi di trasporto urbani a guida vincolata. Un approccio alla mobilità sostenibile / Multi-criteria selection of urban guided transport systems. A sustainable mobility approach INGEGNERIA FERROVIARIA 2022
Efficient Reuse of Railway Track Waste Materials SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Capacity Assessment in Freight-Passengers Complex Railway Nodes. Trieste Case Study INFRASTRUCTURES 2022
Energy and Emissions Saving in Urban Guided Transport Systems: Effectiveness and Assessment of Hydrogen-Based Solutions Sustainable Rail Transport 4 2022
Expectations of train drivers for innovative driving cabin IFAC PAPERSONLINE 2022
Best Practices Exchange In Sea–rail Intermodality. A case study of the ports of Izmir, Turkey and Trieste, Italy WIT TRANSACTIONS ON THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT 2022
Trasporti e ambiente 2022
Visual measurement system for wheel–rail lateral position evaluation SENSORS 2021
Human–Machine Interface in Transport Systems: An Industrial Overview for More Extended Rail Applications MACHINES 2021
Comparative Application of Methods for Nodes Capacity Assessment TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA 2021
Energy efficiency assessment of rail freight transport: Freight tram in Berlin ENERGIES 2021
The importance of sleepers spacing in railways CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2021
Economic and environmental impacts of scrubbers investments in shipping. A multi-sectoral analysis MARITIME POLICY AND MANAGEMENT 2021
Reduction of gaseous emissions from ships. Comparative overview of methods and technologies Urban and Maritime Transport XXVII (2021) 2021

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