Francesco Costantino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Adaptive Automation: status of research and future challenge ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER-INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING 2024
A systemic approach for stochastic reliability management in human–machine systems DECISION ANALYTICS JOURNAL 2024
Assessment of smart transformation in the manufacturing process of aerospace components through a data-driven approach GLOBAL JOURNAL OF FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT 2023
Transition from work-as-imagined to work-as-done processes through semantics: an application to industrial resilience analysis Proceedings of the I-ESA conferences 2023
Trasformazione digitale tra opportunità, rischi e mitigazione 2023
Development and measurement of a resilience indicator for cyber-socio-technical systems: The allostatic load JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL INFORMATION INTEGRATION 2023
Systems-theoretic interdependence analysis in robot-assisted warehouse management SAFETY SCIENCE 2023
Human-technology integration with industrial conversational agents: A conceptual architecture and a taxonomy for manufacturing JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL INFORMATION INTEGRATION 2023
Students’ use of large language models in engineering education: A case study on technology acceptance, perceptions, efficacy, and detection chances COMPUTERS AND EDUCATION. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2023
Resilience Potentials for Health and Safety Management in Cobot Applications Using the Resilience Analysis Grid JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2023
MARLIN Method: Enhancing Warehouse Resilience in Response to Disruptions LOGISTICS 2023
Design a dynamic automation system to adaptively allocate functions between humans and machines IFAC PapersOnLine 2023
An industry 4.0 approach to large scale production of satellite constellations. The case study of composite sandwich panel manufacturing ACTA ASTRONAUTICA 2022
Clustering Application for Condition-Based Maintenance in Time-Varying Processes: A Review Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation APPLIED SCIENCES 2022
Teaming with industrial cobots: A socio-technical perspective on safety analysis HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS IN MANUFACTURING 2022
Warehouse resilience framework for the Covid-19 disruption Proceedings of 22nd International Working Seminar on Production Economics 2022
A Knowledge Graph to Digitalise Functional Resonance Analyses in the Safety Area Resilience in a Digital Age 2022
Interdependence Analysis in collaborative robot applications from a joint cognitive functional perspective INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS 2022
Actions and Strategies for Coronavirus to Ensure Supply Chain Resilience: A Systemic Review SUSTAINABILITY 2022
Chatbot for training and assisting operators in inspecting containers in seaports Transportation Research Procedia 2022

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