Lucio Gnessi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Obesity-Associated Hepatic Steatosis, Somatotropic Axis Impairment, and Ferritin Levels Are Strong Predictors of COVID-19 Severity VIRUSES 2023
Dynapenia, Muscle Quality, and Hepatic Steatosis in Patients with Obesity and Sarcopenic Obesity BIOMEDICINES 2023
Rapid Weight Loss, Central Obesity Improvement and Blood Glucose Reduction Are Associated with a Stronger Adaptive Immune Response Following COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine VACCINES 2022
Application of a Machine Learning Technology in the Definition of Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Status: A Retrospective Study of 2567 Subjects Suffering from Obesity with or without Metabolic Syndrome NUTRIENTS 2022
Circulating SIRT1 and Sclerostin Correlates with Bone Status in Young Women with Different Degrees of Adiposity NUTRIENTS 2022
VLCKD in Combination with Physical Exercise Preserves Skeletal Muscle Mass in Sarcopenic Obesity after Severe COVID-19 Disease: A Case Report HEALTHCARE 2022
The Influence of Ketone Bodies on Circadian Processes Regarding Appetite, Sleep and Hormone Release: A Systematic Review of the Literature NUTRIENTS 2022
Whey protein, L-leucine and vitamin D supplementation for preserving lean mass during a low-calorie diet in sarcopenic obese women NUTRIENTS 2022
Sex Difference in the Safety and Efficacy of Bariatric Procedures: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis SURGERY FOR OBESITY AND RELATED DISEASES 2022
Female infertility in the era of obesity: The clash of two pandemics or inevitable consequence? CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY 2022
Updating obesity management strategies: an audit of Italian specialists EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS 2022
Quantitative MRI in the evaluation of patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) ECR 2022 Book of Abstracts 2022
Protein Catabolism and the Dysregulation of Energy Intake-Related Hormones May Play a Major Role in the Worsening of Malnutrition in Hospitalized Cirrhotic Patients LIVERS 2022
Ketone Bodies and SIRT1, Synergic Epigenetic Regulators for Metabolic Health: A Narrative Review NUTRIENTS 2022
Therapeutic educational robot enhancing social interactions in the management of obesity FRONTIERS IN ROBOTICS AND AI 2022
Ketogenic Diet Increases Serum and White Adipose Tissue SIRT1 Expression in Mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
Growth Hormone Secretory Capacity Is Associated with Cardiac Morphology and Function in Overweight and Obese Patients: A Controlled, Cross-Sectional Study CELLS 2022
Obesity and Psychological Factors Associated with Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery: A Longitudinal Study NUTRIENTS 2022
Oxytocin correlates with body dysmorphic concerns and predicts weight loss in patients with obesity after a very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet DIABETOLOGIA 2022
Sex difference in the safety and efficacy of bariatric procedures: a systematic review and meta-analysis SURGERY FOR OBESITY AND RELATED DISEASES 2022

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