Francesco Ricotta


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Exploring the multidimensionality of wellbeing in the marketing literature through a bibliometric approach International Marketing Trends Conference 2024 2024
Wellbeing and sustainability in the marketing literature: A bibliometric approach Rediscovering local roots and interactions in management 2023
Explaining how algorithms work reduces consumers' concerns regarding the collection of personal data and promotes AI technology adoption PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING 2022
Consumers’ Journey between Liquid and Solid Consumption SUSTAINABILITY 2021
Algoritmi di raccomandazione e reti di influenza implicite MK 2021
Marketing nell’era dell’iperconnessione 2020
Gaetano Golinelli tra l'analisi settoriale e la dicotomia struttura e governo dell'impresa Contributi in onore di Gaetano Maria Golinelli 2020
The role of Innovation Intermediaries in the context of Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) 2020
Design thinking for food well-Being. An adolescents’ language perspective Design Thinking for Food Well-Being: Creating Innovative Food experiences 2020
Value co-production made easy: the role of fantastical thinking EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING 2020
Investigating the Effect of Mobile In-store Promotions on Purchase Intention: Is WhatsApp More Effective? An Abstract Marketing Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Global Marketplace 2020
Tearing down the rules surrounding the social dilemma: The effect of information detail and control on consumers’ data collection concerns Atti del Convegno SIM 2020 2020
L'analisi settoriale attraverso la dicotomia struttura e governo dell'impresa 2020
Iperconnessione via interazione consumer to consumer Marketing nell’era dell’iperconnessione 2020
Misurazione e metriche per i mercati iperconnessi Marketing nell’era dell’iperconnessione 2020
Il trasferimento tecnologico e la Strategia di Specializzazione Intelligente ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE 2019
Against the IoT: a multi-method examination of the barriers to the adoption of smart objects 48th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) Conference, 27-31 May, Hamburg, Germany 2019
Il management del trasferimento tecnologico nell’ambito delle Strategie Regionali di Specializzazione Intelligente (S3) Atti del convegno Transformative business strategies and new patterns for value creation 2018
Competences and performance in metal waste supply chain: lessons from Italy Atti del convegno 2018
Quando la fantasia sostiene l’impresa cocreativa Marketing. Una disciplina fantastica 2018

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