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Could breast multiparametric MRI discriminate between pure ductal carcinoma in situ and microinvasive carcinoma? ACTA RADIOLOGICA 2024
Sarcopenia in Breast Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis CANCERS 2024
Cryoablation for the treatment of breast cancer: immunological implications and future perspectives. Utopia or reality? LA RADIOLOGIA MEDICA 2024
Essential oils for supportive clinical aromatherapy: chemical profiling by GC-MS, ESI-MS/MS and FT-IR analysis Book of abstracts 4th MSNatMedDay Salerno 2024 2024
Pregnancy-associated breast cancer: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge DIAGNOSTICS 2023
Screening and diagnostic breast MRI: how do they impact surgical treatment? Insights from the MIPA study EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2023
Can New Ultrasound Imaging Techniques Improve Breast Lesion Characterization? Prospective Comparison between Ultrasound BI-RADS and Semi-Automatic Software “SmartBreast”, Strain Elastography, and Shear Wave Elastography APPLIED SCIENCES 2023
Diagnostic performance of contrast-enhanced digital mammography versus conventional imaging in women with dense breasts DIAGNOSTICS 2023
European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) guidelines on the management of axillary lymphadenopathy after COVID-19 vaccination: 2023 revision INSIGHTS INTO IMAGING 2023
Preoperative breast MRI positively impacts surgical outcomes of needle biopsy-diagnosed pure DCIS: a patient-matched analysis from the MIPA study EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2023
Breast imaging: beyond the detection EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY 2022
Magnetic resonance imaging before breast cancer surgery: results of an observational multicenter international prospective analysis (MIPA) EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2022
Radiologic-pathologic correlation in breast cancer: do MRI biomarkers correlate with pathologic features and molecular subtypes? EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY EXPERIMENTAL 2022
MRI as a biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis BJR|OPEN 2022
Structured reporting of x-ray mammography in the first diagnosis of breast cancer: a Delphi consensus proposal LA RADIOLOGIA MEDICA 2022
Do body composition parameters correlate with response to targeted therapy in ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer patients? Role of sarcopenia and obesity FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2022
Precision medicine in breast cancer: do MRI biomarkers identify patients who truly benefit from the Oncotype DX Recurrence Score® Test? DIAGNOSTICS 2022
Breast cancer screening in women with extremely dense breasts recommendations of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2022
Association between growth differentiation factor-15 (GDF-15) serum levels, anorexia and low muscle mass among cancer patients CANCERS 2021
Preoperative staging in breast cancer: intraindividual comparison of Unenhanced MRI combined with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Dynamic Contrast Enhanced-MRI FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2021

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