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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Fault Kinematic Modeling Along a Widely Deformed Plate Boundary in Southern Italy GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 2024
Antarctic permafrost degassing in Taylor Valley by extensive soil gas investigation SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2023
Are open-source aerial images useful for fracture network characterisation? Insights from a multi-scale approach in the Zagros Mts JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 2023
The usage of open-source aerial images for the characterisation of a fracture network. Insights from a multi-scale approach in the Zagros Mts. EGU General Assembly 2023 2023
Structural control of gas migration pathways in the hydrocarbon-rich Val d’Agri basin (Southern Apennines, Italy) MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY 2023
A numerical model for gas CO2 migration in a fault zone PETROLEUM GEOSCIENCE 2023
Screening, classification, capacity estimation and reservoir modelling of potential CO2 geological storage sites in the NW Adriatic Sea, Italy INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL 2023
Fucino Basin structure revealed by the tomography and the reusing of the CROP11 seismic data TECTONOPHYSICS 2023
Radon hazard in central Italy. Comparison among areas with different geogenic radon potential INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2022
Geological hazard assessment of the coastal area of Rome (Central Italy) from multi-source data integration ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2022
Structural analysis and fluid geochemistry as tools to assess the potential of the Tocomar geothermal system, Central Puna (Argentina) GEOTHERMICS 2022
Monte Carlo simulations to assess the uncertainty of locating and quantifying CO2 leakage flux from deep geological or anthropogenic sources STOCHASTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND RISK ASSESSMENT 2022
3D modelling and capacity estimation of potential targets for CO2 storage in the Adriatic Sea, Italy PETROLEUM GEOSCIENCE 2022
A numerical model for {CO}2 gas migration in a fault zone Geophysical Research Abstracts 2022
Multiscale characterization of the fracture network affecting the Kuh-e-Asmari anticline (Zagros Mts., Iran), using NetworkGT and open-source aerial images Carbonates Sequences and Reservoirs: the Challenge Continues 2022
Development and testing of a rapid, sensitive, high-resolution tool to improve mapping of CO2 leakage at the ground surface APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY 2022
Multiscale characterization of a fracture network using NetworkGT and open-source aerial images: the Kuh-e-Asmari anticline case study in Zagros Mts., Iran Abstract Book a cura della Società Geologica Italiana 2022
Seafloor characterisation of the offshore sector around Scoglio d’Affrica islet (Tuscan Archipelago, northern Tyrrhenian sea) JOURNAL OF MAPS 2022
Static modelling of geological structures for carbon sequestration purposes in the Lorestan area of Iran Ghgt volume 2022
On-Going Development of Five Geochemical Monitoring Technologies for Onshore Ccs 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) 2022

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