Viktor Malakuczi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Design perspectives for the future of work in industry 5.0 environment: the digital and physical space in augmented reality uses Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict. Cumulus Conference Proceedings Antwerp 2023 2023
Digital synesthesia in product design. Building a vocabulary of physical interactions for a sensible quantified self Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict. Cumulus Conference Proceedings Antwerp 2023 2023
Visor-less XR in museums. A Content Management System for Immersive Installations 2023 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW) 2023
Towards Accessible Mixed Reality in the Museum: Usability Principles for Disadvantaged Visitors and a Feasibility Evaluation for a New MR System. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN IN SOCIETY 2023
Evolving scenarios of AI in the design practice Cumulus Conference Proceedings Beijing 2023 2023
Virtual proximity in the factory processes: designing interfaces between industrial equipment and human operators REDES 2022 Conference Proceedings 2022
Ready-to-(dis)assemble: experimentations on elastic joinery for engaging and environmentally friendly furniture REDES 2022 Conference Proceedings 2022
Participatory tool for productive citizenship in a regional maker network DRS2022: Bilbao 2022
Towards the economic viability of Digital Manufacturing: in search for a business framework through regional case studies The 23rd dmi: Academic Design Management Conference Proceedings 2022
Revixit Aquinum. Quanto possano le tecnologie nella valorizzazione di un patrimonio culturale DN 2022
Tracing Design’s Value in Distributed Manufacturing DESIGN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL 2021
Urban Manufacturing Policy Toolkit: strategie per la progettazione e produzione partecipata tra maker, designer, imprese e istituzioni SID: Design per connettere 2021
Making in Proximity: Design Policies for collaborative making cultures Design Culture(s). Cumulus Conference Proceedings Roma 2021, Volume #2 2021
From Consensus to Innovation. Evolving Towards Crowd-based User-Centered Design INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION 2020
Tracing design’s value in distributed manufacturing Proceedings of the DMI: ADMC 2020 conference 2020
Materials, machines, meanings: Possible design strategies to compensate three key shortages of distributed manufacturing STRATEGIC DESIGN RESEARCH JOURNAL 2020
Abacus. Un abaco di base - avanzati componenti universalmente stampabili [a 3D] 100 anni dal Bauhaus. Le prospettive della ricerca di design 2020
Makerspaces e amministrazioni locali. Un toolkit a sostegno degli spazi del fare collaborativo. MD JOURNAL 2020
Computational by design 2019

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