Vincenzo Gattulli


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Design and evaluation of 5G-based architecture supporting data-driven digital twins updating and matching in seismic monitoring BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 2022
Image-based operational modal analysis and damage detection validated in an instrumented small-scale steel frame structure MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2022
Dynamic Control of a Novel Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with a Large Wrench Feasible Workspace ACTUATORS 2022
Dynamical models of a suspension bridge driven by vibration data SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS 2021
Robotized inspection and health monitoring in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory STRUCTURAL MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE, AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2021
Recent developments on inspection procedures for infrastructure using UAVs Modern Technologies Enabling Safe and Secure UAV Operation in Urban Airspace 2021
Modeling of a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge using geometric and vibration data to update cable tensioning PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON DYNAMICS AND AERODYNAMICS OF CABLES • ISDAC 2021 16-17 SEPTEMBER 2021, STAVANGER, NORWAY 2021
Geometrically exact three-dimensional modeling of cable-driven parallel manipulators for end-effector positioning MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY 2020
A robotics and computer-aided procedure for defect evaluation in bridge inspection JOURNAL OF CIVIL STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING 2020
Learning Models for Seismic-Induced Vibrations Optimal Control in Structures via Random Forests JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 2020
An integrated vibration-image procedure for damage identification in steel trusses Proceedings of the International Conference on Structural Dynamic , EURODYN 2020
A damage identification procedure for steel truss Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2020
Computational Optimization for Structural Engineering Applications JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 2020
Capitolo 6 - Monitoraggio strutturale sostenibile - Introduzione Progetto SISMI-DTC Lazio. Conoscenze e innovazioni per la ricostruzione il miglioramento sismico dei centri storici del Lazio 2020
Data-driven optimal predictive control of seismic induced vibrations in frame structures STRUCTURAL CONTROL & HEALTH MONITORING 2020
Seismic Response Prediction of Multiple Base-Isolated Structures for Monitoring Nonlinear Dynamics and Control - Proceedings of the 1st International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, NODYCON 2019 2020
Measured properties of structural damping in railway bridges JOURNAL OF CIVIL STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING 2019
Valutazione dello smorzamento strutturale nei ponti ferroviari Atti del convegno ANIDIS 2019 - XVIII Convegno 2019
Slackening effects in 2D exact positioning in cable-driven parallel manipulators Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. CableCon 2019. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol. 74 2019
Dynamics and damage in the Quisi steel truss bridge ANCRISST 2019 Procedia 2019

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