Giuseppe Piras


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Digital twin framework for built environment. A review of Key enablers ENERGIES 2024
Environmental product declarations as a data source for the assessment of environmental impacts during the use phase of photovoltaic modules: critical issues and potential ENERGIES 2024
Energy transition: semi-automatic BIM tool approach for elevating sustainability in the Maputo natural history museum ENERGIES 2024
Earth Observation Technologies for Mitigating Urban Climate Changes TECHNOLOGICAL IMAGINATION IN THE GREEN AND DIGITAL TRANSITION International Conference | Rome, 30 June – 2 July 2022 Conference Proceedings | SpringerH 2023
The Environmental and Energy Renovation of a District as a Step towards the Smart Community: A Case Study of Tehran BUILDINGS 2023
A combined multi-objective intelligent optimization approach considering techno-economic and reliability factors for hybrid-renewable microgrid systems JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2023
Offshore wind farm layouts designer software's E-PRIME, ADVANCES IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, ELECTRONICS AND ENERGY 2023
Towards the Renovation of Energy-Intensive Building: The Impact of Lighting and Free-Cooling Retrofitting Strategies in a Shopping Mall BUILDINGS 2023
Tutela culturale e ambientale del suolo e sottosuolo con tecniche “senza scavi” per le infrastrutture dei servizi a rete ANANKE 2023
Digital construction and management the public’s infrastructures 2023
Exergoeconomic and Environmental Evaluation of a Ground Source Heat Pump System for Reducing the Fossil Fuel Dependence: A Case Study in Rome ENERGIES 2023
Cyber security and 5G-assisted industrial internet of things using novel artificial adaption based evolutionary algorithm MOBILE NETWORKS AND APPLICATIONS 2023
PM10 emissions from tires: a disruptive estimate questioning present pollution mitigation strategies ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION RESEARCH 2023
The effect of COVID-19 on the distribution of PM10 pollution classes of vehicles. Comparison between 2020 and 2018 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2022
Marine online platforms of services to public end-users. The innovation of the ODYSSEA Project REMOTE SENSING 2022
Renewable Energy System Controlled by Open-Source Tools and Digital Twin Model: Zero Energy Port Area in Italy ENERGIES 2022
Renewable Energy System Controlled by Open-Source Tools and Digital Twin Model: Zero Energy Port Area in Italy ENERGIES 2022
Quaternion convolutional long short-term memory neural model with an adaptive decomposition method for wind speed forecasting. North aegean islands case studies ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2022
A Mediterranean sea offshore wind classification using MERRA-2 and machine learning models RENEWABLE ENERGY 2022
Sistemi integrati di produzione energetica da fonti rinnovabili QUADERNI DI LEGISLAZIONE TECNICA 2022

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