Angela Pistoia


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Bubbling nodal solutions for a large perturbation of the Moser–Trudinger equation on planar domains MATHEMATISCHE ANNALEN 2020
Sign-Changing Solutions for the One-Dimensional Non-Local sinh-Poisson Equation ADVANCED NONLINEAR STUDIES 2020
Peaked and low action solutions of NLS equations on graphs with terminal edges SIAM JOURNAL ON MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS 2020
A fountain of positive bubbles on a Coron's problem for a competitive weakly coupled gradient system JOURNAL DE MATHÉMATIQUES PURES ET APPLIQUÉES 2020
On the mean field equation with variable intensities on pierced domains NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 2020
Non-uniqueness of blowing-up solutions to the Gelfand problem CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2019
Maximal solution of the Liouville equation in doubly connected domains JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS 2019
The Morse property for functions of Kirchhoff-routh path type DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS. SERIES S 2019
Blow-up phenomena for linearly perturbed Yamabe problem on manifolds with umbilic boundary JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2019
Clustering phenomena for linear perturbation of the Yamabe equation. Partial differential equations arising from physics and geometry. 2019
A generic result on weyl tensor TOPOLOGICAL METHODS IN NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 2019
Existence and phase separation of entire solutions to a pure critical competitive elliptic system CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2018
Linear perturbation of the Yamabe problem on manifolds with boundary THE JOURNAL OF GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS 2018
Infinitely many non-radial solutions to a critical equation on annulus JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2018
On Coron's problem for weakly coupled elliptic systems PROCEEDINGS OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY 2018
Generic properties of critical points of the weyl tensor ADVANCED NONLINEAR STUDIES 2017
Spiked solutions for Schrödinger systems with Sobolev critical exponent: the cases of competitive and weakly cooperative interactions JOURNAL OF FIXED POINT THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS 2017
Towering Phenomena for the Yamabe Equation on Symmetric Manifolds POTENTIAL ANALYSIS 2017
Sign-changing tower of bubbles for a sinh-poisson equation with asymmetric exponents DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS 2017
Large conformal metrics with prescribed scalar curvature JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2017


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Interessi di ricerca

Partial differential equation. Topological methods. Critical point theory. Non-linear analysis. Perturbative methods. Asymptotic analysis

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