Giovanni Battista Andreozzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Celleriite, (Mn2+2Al)Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3(OH), a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup THE AMERICAN MINERALOGIST 2022
Experimental measurements of the viscosity and melt structure of alkali basalts at high pressure and temperature SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
HT breakdown of Mn-bearing elbaite from the Anjanabonoina pegmatite, Madagascar JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 2022
In situ high-temperature behaviour of fluor-elbaite. Breakdown conditions and products PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS 2021
Phlogopite-pargasite coexistence in an oxygen reduced spinel-peridotite ambient SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Tourmaline breakdown: preliminary results from experimental studies Natura 2021
Redox state of Hyblean mantle xenoliths investigated by crystal chemistry, noble gases and fluid inclusions Book of Abstracts 3rd European Mineralogical Conference 2021
Color anomalies at the termination of pegmatitic gem-tourmaline crystals from Elba Island (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): a genetic model NATURA 2021
Crystal‑chemical behavior of Fe2+ in tourmaline dictated by structural stability. Insights from a schorl with formula NaY(Fe2+2Al)Z(Al5Fe2+)(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3(OH,F) from Seagull batholith (Yukon Territory, Canada) PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS 2020
Redox state determination of eclogite xenoliths from Udachnaya kimberlite pipe (Siberian craton), with some implications for the graphite/diamond formation CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY 2020
Iron-rich tourmaline breakdown at high pressure and temperature as potential source of metasomatic B-rich fluids in the mantle Abstract Volume 4a Conferenza A. Rittmann 2020
Iron from a geochemical viewpoint. Understanding toxicity/pathogenicity mechanisms in iron-bearing minerals with a special attention to mineral fibers FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY & MEDICINE 2019
Color mechanisms in spinel. A multi-analytical investigation of natural crystals with a wide range of coloration PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS 2019
Petrogenetic controls on the origin of tourmalinite veins from Mandrolisai igneous massif (central Sardinia, Italy). Insights from tourmaline crystal chemistry LITHOS 2019
Chemical and structural characterization of UICC crocidolite fibres from Koegas Mine, Northern Cape (South Africa) PERIODICO DI MINERALOGIA 2019
Diamond-inclusion system recording old deep lithosphere conditions at Udachnaya (Siberia) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Experimental investigation of the stability of iron-rich tourmaline as a function of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity with implications for the release of B-rich fluid during subduction Società Geologica Italiana, Roma 2019 2019
Late magmatic controls on the origin of schorlitic and foititic tourmalines from late-Variscan peraluminous granites of the Arbus pluton (SW Sardinia, Italy). Crystal-chemical study and petrological constraints LITHOS 2018
Fe–Mg substitution in aluminate spinels. Effects on elastic properties investigated by Brillouin scattering PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS 2018
The oxidation state of spinel-peridotites from the Hyblean plateau and the modeled composition of coexisting C-O-H fluids 2018

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