Alberto Caggiati


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Improving treatment outcomes-management of coexisting comorbidities in patients with venous ulcers Venous ulcers 2023
Investigations of lower limb edema approach to lower llmb oedema 2022
Subcutaneous calcifications in legs with chronic venous diseases JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY: VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS 2022
Superficial venous system: how it? Vascular surgery: a clinical guide to decision-making 2022
The effects of water immersion on venous return JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL AND APPLIED VASCULAR RESEARCH 2022
Rationale and current evidence of aquatic exercise therapy in venous disease: a narrative review VASCULAR 2022
Ultrasonographic study of the effects of compressive stockings on legs with venous edema VASCULAR 2022
Compression by water Compression therapy 2022
The effects of water immersion and walking on leg volume, ankle circumference and epifascial thickness in healthy subjects with occupational edema PHLEBOLOGY 2021
Effects of underwater exercise on venous return JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY: VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS 2021
The feasibility of underwater computerised strain gauge plethysmography and the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the leg venous haemodynamics EJVES VASCULAR FORUM 2020
Anatomie des oberflachlichen venesystems Duplexsonographie der oberfllachlichen beinvenen 2020
Sonography of skin verrucous hyperplasia related to venous stasis and effects of compression treatment JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY CASES AND INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES 2019
Venous intima-media thickness increases both in deep and superficial systems in patients with great saphenous vein reflux JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY. VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS 2019
Rehabilitation of patients with venous diseases of the lower limbs: state of the art PHLEBOLOGY 2018
Sonography of leg venous edema ACTA PHLEBOLOGICA 2018
Underwater sonography of leg veins EJVES SHORT REPORTS 2018
Regarding "Saphenous vein wall thickness in age and venous reflux-associated remodeling in adults" JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY: VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS 2017
Modeling vasomotion REVIEWS IN VASCULAR MEDICINE 2017
Confluence of the right internal iliac vein into a compressed left common iliac vein PHLEBOLOGY 2016

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