Laboratorio di biochimica e analisi strutturale

WHAT: The Lab is focused on the determination of 3D protein structures at the atomica level and on the analysis of protein folding and miss-folding process including beta-amyloid formation. 

WHY: By analysing the folding mechanism and the native structure of proteins we are able to provide a basic understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing a specific genetic diseases, as well as host pathogen interactions. We aim at a structure based understanding of how specific proteins work and interact with ligands and/or other biological macromolecules. These structural and mechanistic information can then be exploited to develop new therapeutic and antimicrobial strategies to target these proteins or their complexes. 

HOW: Target proteins are heteroexpressed and purified by standard techniques. Protein structures are determined by X-ray diffraction and cryo-EM techniques. Protein folding studies are by standard thecniques which include the use of circular dichroism; UV-vis nd flourescence spectroscopy; rapid kinetics apparatus. 

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