Antonino Raffone


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The two arrows of pain: mechanisms of pain related to meditation and mental states of aversion and identification MINDFULNESS 2022
Acceptance, and not its interaction with attention monitoring, increases psychological well-being: testing the monitor and acceptance theory of mindfulness MINDFULNESS 2021
Attentional and cognitive monitoring brain networks in long-term meditators depend on meditation states and expertise SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Neuroplasticity within and between functional brain networks in mental training based on long-term meditation BRAIN SCIENCES 2021
Beneficial effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction training on the well-being of a female sample during the first total lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic in italy INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2021
Stress as the Missing Link Between Mindfulness, Sleep Quality, and Well-being: a Cross-sectional Study MINDFULNESS 2020
Common and distinct lateralised patterns of neural coupling during focused attention, open monitoring and loving kindness meditation SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Yoga and mindfulness as a tool for influencing affectivity, anxiety, mental health, and stress among healthcare workers. Results of a single-arm clinical trial JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2020
Global–local processing and dispositional bias interact with emotion processing in the psychological refractory period paradigm EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2020
Use of negative pressure wound therapy systems after radical vulvectomy for advanced vulvar cancer CANCER INVESTIGATION 2020
Mindfulness Meditation Weakens Attachment to Self: Evidence from a Self vs Other Binding Task MINDFULNESS 2020
Effects of the mindfulness-based stress reduction program on mind wandering and dispositional mindfulness facets MINDFULNESS 2019
Visual attention modulates phenomenal consciousness: evidence from a change detection study FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2019
Toward a brain theory of meditation Progress in Brain Research 2019
Phenomenal consciousness, access consciousness and self across waking and dreaming: bridging phenomenology and neuroscience PHENOMENOLOGY AND THE COGNITIVE SCIENCES 2018
Dispositional mindfulness facets predict the efficiency of attentional networks MINDFULNESS 2017
HiTEC: a connectionist model of the interaction between perception and action planning PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2017
Illusions of integration are subjectively impenetrable: Phenomenological experience of Lag 1 percepts during dual-target RSVP CONSCIOUSNESS AND COGNITION 2017
Mindfulness and cognitive functions: toward a unifying neurocognitive framework MINDFULNESS 2017
HiTEC. A connectionist model of the interaction between perception and action planning PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2017

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