Duilio Iamonico


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Further insights into the Stellaria media aggregate (Caryophyllaceae, Alsinoideae, Alsineae) in Africa: first reports of S. ruderalis in North Africa and S. cupaniana in Tunisia, with nomenclatural notes on the name Alsine cupaniana PHYTOTAXA 2023
The genus Paronychia (Caryophyllaceae) in South America. Nomenclatural review and taxonomic notes with the description of a new species from North Peru PLANTS 2023
Trying to understand the complicated taxonomy in Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae). Insights on seeds micromorphology PLANTS 2023
Taxonomic revision of Sapindaceae in Tunisia, with new additions to national flora and the whole north Africa BOTANICA COMPLUTENSIS 2023
Studies on the genus Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae) in Italy. VIII. Names published by Vincenzo Tineo and Michele Lojacono-Pojero FLORA MEDITERRANEA 2023
Nomenclature Survey of the Genus Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae): 12 Questions about Amaranthus caudatus PLANTS 2023
Typification of two aquatic plant names described by Linnaeus from highly heterogeneous original elements. Sagittaria sagittifolia (Alismataceae) and Sparganium erectum (Typhaceae) TAXON 2023
Molecular and morphometric update on Italian Salicornia (Chenopodiaceae), with a focus on the species S. procumbens s. l. PLANTS 2023
Characterization of seed oil from six in situ collected wild Amaranthus species DIVERSITY 2023
The genus Sagina (Caryophyllaceae) in Italy. Nomenclatural Remarks PLANTS 2023
Nuove segnalazioni floristiche italiane 15. Flora vascolare (138–169) NOTIZIARIO DELLA SOCIETÀ BOTANICA ITALIANA 2023
On biodiversity friendly Green Infrastructure planning. Contribution of plant ecology to the monitoring and valorisation of peri-urban environments in the Metropolitan City of Rome (Mediterranean Italy) 117. Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana. 8. International plant science conference (IPSC) 2022
Floristic and coenological data from the travertine substrates of the SAC “Travertini Acque Albule (Bagni di Tivoli)” (Lazio Region – Central Italy) PLANT SOCIOLOGY 2022
Taxonomy complexity of some Tyrrhenian endemic Limonium species belonging to L. multiforme group (Plumbaginaceae). New insights from molecular and morphometric analyses PLANTS 2022
Nomenclatural remarks on Linnaean names of aquatic plants TAXON 2022
Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora. 14 ITALIAN BOTANIST 2022
Epitypification of the Linnaean name Crepis bursifolia (Asteraceae) TAXON 2022
Biodiversity in urban areas. The extraordinary case of Appia Antica Regional Park (Rome, Italy) PLANTS 2022
Relationships within Mcneillia indicate a complex evolutionary history and reveal a new species of Minuartiella (Caryophyllaceae, Alsinoideae) PLANTS 2022
Blitum venetum (Chenopodiaceae), a new species from the north-eastern Dolomites (Italian Eastern Alps) ACTA BOTANICA CROATICA 2022

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