Daniela Silvia Pace


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Finite mixtures in capture–recapture surveys for modeling residency patterns in marine wildlife populations BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL 2024
Cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea. Encounter rate, dominant species, and diversity hotspots DIVERSITY 2023
Detecting trends in seagrass cover through aerial imagery interpretation: Historical dynamics of a Posidonia oceanica meadow subjected to anthropogenic disturbance ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2023
First report of epimeletic and acoustic behavior in Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) carrying dead calves BIOLOGY 2022
Bray‐call sequences in the Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) acoustic repertoire BIOLOGY 2022
Determinants of variability in signature whistles of the Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphin SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Resources and population traits modulate the association patterns in the common bottlenose dolphin living nearby the Tiber River estuary (Mediterranean Sea) FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE 2022
Seasonal distribution of an opportunistic apex predator (Tursiops truncatus) in marine coastal habitats of the Western Mediterranean Sea FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE 2022
High spatial resolution underwater data for mapping seagrass transplantation. A powerful tool for visualization and analysis DATA IN BRIEF 2022
Acoustic presence of dolphins through whistles detection in mediterranean shallow waters JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2021
Facts and outcomes of the Mediterranean short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) workshop AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS 2021
The conservation of the endangered Mediterranean common dolphin ( Delphinus delphis ). Current knowledge and research priorities AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS 2021
Trumpet sounds emitted by male sperm whales in the Mediterranean Sea SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Capitoline dolphins. Residency patterns and abundance estimate of Tursiops truncatus at the Tiber River estuary (Mediterranean Sea) BIOLOGY 2021
Artisanal fishing, dolphins, and interactive pinger: A study froma passiv e acoustic perspective AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS 2021
High spatial resolution photo mosaicking for the monitoring of coralligenous reefs CORAL REEFS 2021
Rehabilitation of Mediterranean animal forests using gorgonians from fisheries by‐catch RESTORATION ECOLOGY 2021
Model-based clustering for estimating cetaceans site-fidelity and abundance CLADAG 2021 book of abstracts and short papers 2021
Integration of presence-only data from several sources. A case study on dolphins’ spatial distribution ECOGRAPHY 2021
Seagrass restoration monitoring and shallow-water benthic habitat mapping through a photogrammetry-based protocol JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2021

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