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Nanostructured poly-l-lactide and polyglycerol adipate carriers for the encapsulation of usnic acid: a promising approach for hepatoprotection POLYMERS 2024
Design of bioactive and biomimetic scaffolds based on chitosan-alginate polyelectrolyte complexes for tissue engineering CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2024
Split Gp41‐1 intein splicing as a model to evaluate the cellular location of the oncosuppressor Maspin in an in vitro model of osteosarcoma CELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND FUNCTION 2024
In Vitro Antiviral and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of N-Acetylglucosamine: Development of an Alternative and Safe Approach to Fight Viral Respiratory Infections INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
The Formulation of the N-Acetylglucosamine as Nanoparticles Increases Its Anti-Inflammatory Activities: An In Vitro Study BIOENGINEERING 2023
Repositioned Natural Compounds and Nanoformulations: A Promising Combination to Counteract Cell Damage and Inflammation in Respiratory Viral Infections MOLECULES 2023
Surface modification of polyester films with polyfunctional amines: Effect on bacterial biofilm formation SURFACES AND INTERFACES 2023
Self-assembled chitosan-sodium usnate drug delivery nanosystems: Synthesis, characterization, stability studies, in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo biocompatibility against 143 B cells CARBOHYDRATE POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS 2023
Development of polysaccharide-based nano-systems containing lactoferrin for treatment of respiratory infections Book of Abstract_AMYC BIOMED 2023 2023
Pheomelanin effect on UVB radiation-induced oxidation/nitration of L-tyrosine INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
One-Pot preparation of hydrophilic polylactide porous scaffolds by using safe solvent and choline taurinate ionic liquid PHARMACEUTICS 2022
Harpagophytum procumbens root extract mediates anti-inflammatory effects in osteoarthritis synoviocytes through CB2 activation PHARMACEUTICALS 2022
The nutraceuticals as modern key to achieve erythrocyte oxidative stress fighting in osteoarthritis CURRENT ISSUES IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2022
Nutraceuticals and the Network of Obesity Modulators NUTRIENTS 2022
PLA and PBAT-Based Electrospun Fibers Functionalized with Antibacterial Bio-Based Polymers MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE 2022
Biochemical and computational studies of the interaction between a glucosamine derivative, NAPA, and the IKKα kinase INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2021
Chitosan scaffolds with enhanced mechanical strength and elastic response by combination of freeze gelation, photo-crosslinking and freeze-drying CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2021
Metabolomic profiling of fresh goji (Lycium barbarum l.) berries from two cultivars grown in central italy: A multi-methodological approach MOLECULES 2021
Role of caryophyllane sesquiterpenes in the entourage effect of felina 32 Hemp inflorescence phytocomplex in triple negative MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells MOLECULES 2021
The Glucosamine-derivative NAPA Suppresses MAPK Activation and Restores Collagen Deposition in Human Diploid Fibroblasts Challenged with Environmental Levels of UVB PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY 2020


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Interessi di ricerca

Studia i processi pro-infiammatori, in particolare la infiammazione cronica non-acuta, low-grade inflammation, principalmente per ciò che concerne l’insorgenza e la progressione dell’osteoartrite (OA). Inoltre studia i processi di sintesi di nuova matrice extracellulare (ECM), considerando che la ECM viene particolarmente degradata nella OA. Il suo modello sperimentale prevede sia l’uso di condrociti primari umani, ottenuti da pazienti, che vengono sottoposti ad interventi di protesi di anca e di ginocchio, che l’uso di modelli animali. La sua ricerca è volta inoltre alla identificazione di molecole o composti che possano avere attività anti-infiammatoria e di stimolazione della sintesi dei componenti della ECM. In particolare ha studiato gli effetti della Glucosammina e di suoi peptidil derivati sulle vie di segnalazione intracellulari dei condrociti.

Negli ultimi anni ha cominciato a studiare gli effetti di derivati della glucosammina in cellule di osteosarcoma, considerando il coinvolgimento dei processi infiammatori nella progressione tumorale, e le vie di trasmissione del dolore, anch’esse associate ai fenomeni infiammatori.

Ha studiato gli effetti sull’osseointegrazione della ricopertura di carburo di titanio su protesi di titanio, mediante studi in vitro su cellule osteoblasti che e in vivo su modello animale in coniglio.

Ha inoltre studiato gli effetti di un derivato della glucosammina su fibroblasti primari umani e in particolare nei processi di Invecchiamento cutaneo.

Recentemente ha iniziato ad occuparsi delle vie di trasmissione del dolore associato ai fenomeni infiammatori nelle articolazioni di pazienti affetti da osteoartrite.


extracellular matrix

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