Gianluca Gambarini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Erythema multiforme as early manifestation of COVID-19: a case report PATHOGENS 2022
Mechanical properties and metallurgical features of two similar endodontic rotary instruments with different heat treatments (FireWire™ and Gold) SCIENCE PROGRESS 2022
Print and try technique: 3D-printing of teeth with complex anatomy a novel endodontic approach APPLIED SCIENCES 2021
Effect of Flexural Stress on Torsional Resistance of NiTi Instruments JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS 2021
Sem evaluation of endosequence bc sealer hiflow in different environmental conditions JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES SCIENCE 2021
Influence of shaft length on torsional behavior of endodontic nickel–titanium instruments ODONTOLOGY 2021
Operative torque analysis to evaluate cutting efficiency of two nickel-titanium rotary instruments for glide path: an in vitro comparison JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DENTAL PRACTICE 2021
Nuclear magnetic resonance microimaging for the qualitative assessment of root canal treatment: an ex vivo preliminary study DIAGNOSTICS 2021
A paradigm shift for torsional stiffness of nickel-titanium rotary instruments: a finite element analysis JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS 2021
A novel root canal preparation technique hybridizing heat-treated nickel-titanium rotary instruments WORLD JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY 2021
Angle of insertion and torsional resistance of nickel–titanium rotary instruments MATERIALS 2021
Incidence of different types of intracanal fracture of nickel–titanium rotary instruments: a systematic review JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DENTAL PRACTICE 2021
Influence of clinical operative technique on debris extrusion of two reciprocating files PESQUISA BRASILEIRA EM ODONTOPEDIATRIA E CLÍNICA INTEGRADA 2021
Nickel-titanium rotary instruments: an in vitro comparison (Torsional resistance of two heat-treated reciprocating files) JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DENTAL PRACTICE 2021
In vitro evaluation of a recently developed rotary file: Af rotary BRAZILIAN DENTAL SCIENCE 2021
Role of the crystallographic phase of NiTi rotary instruments in determining their torsional resistance during different bending conditions MATERIALS 2021
An update on nickel-titanium rotary instruments in endodontics: mechanical characteristics, testing and future perspective—An overview BIOENGINEERING 2021
Ultrasound imaging in dentistry: a literature overview JOURNAL OF IMAGING 2021
C-shaped canal configuration in mandibular premolars and molars: prevalence, correlation, and differences: an In Vivo study using cone-beam computed tomography NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE 2020
Regenerative endodontic procedures: state of the art and clinical procedures [Procedure endodontiche rigenerative: stato dell’arte e procedure cliniche] DENTAL CADMOS 2020

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