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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Insects as indicators of Key Biodiversity Areas INSECT CONSERVATION AND DIVERSITY 2024
Opportunities and challenges for Common Agricultural Policy reform to support the European Green Deal CONSERVATION BIOLOGY 2023
Synergistic effects of habitat fragmentation and hunting on the extinction risk of neotropical primates BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION 2023
Making protected areas effective for biodiversity, climate and food GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 2023
The impact of land use on non-native species incidence and number in local assemblages worldwide NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
The unequal burden of human-wildlife conflict COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2023
Drivers of habitat availability for terrestrial mammals: Unravelling the role of livestock, land conversion and intrinsic traits in the past 50 years GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 2023
Operationalizing One Health: Environmental Solutions for Pandemic Prevention ECOHEALTH 2023
Towards a better future for biodiversity and people: Modelling Nature Futures GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE-HUMAN AND POLICY DIMENSIONS 2023
Bridging the research-implementation gap in IUCN Red List assessments TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 2022
Matrix condition mediates the effects of habitat fragmentation on species extinction risk NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
A validation standard for area of habitat maps for terrestrial birds and mammals GEOSCIENTIFIC MODEL DEVELOPMENT 2022
Global protected areas seem insufficient to safeguard half of the world's mammals from human-induced extinction PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022
Achieving global biodiversity goals by 2050 requires urgent and integrated actions ONE EARTH 2022
Area of Habitat maps for the world’s terrestrial birds and mammals SCIENTIFIC DATA 2022
Maps of area of habitat for Italian amphibians and reptiles NATURE CONSERVATION 2022
A metric for spatially explicit contributions to science-based species targets NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 2021
COMBINE: a coalesced mammal database of intrinsic and extrinsic traits ECOLOGY 2021
Drivers of change in the realised climatic niche of terrestrial mammals ECOGRAPHY 2021
DAMA: the global Distribution of Alien Mammals database ECOLOGY 2021

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